Do APU students prefer east campus or west campus?

It’s no secret that Azusa Pacific is a vibrant place to be. As a student myself, I enjoy the splendid opportunity that APU has to offer in terms of having two campuses. The outcome of this privilege is that the variety of things to do are endless. East campus and west campus are two locations of the school that have their own unique environment. 

My insights on comparing the two campuses are my opinion. Therefore, choosing another campus from the other is a personal preference. I will also share the preferences of other students, asking their opinion on which campus has to offer the best commodities in APU’s environment.

In terms of studying, the campus that is better for my study needs is east campus. I truly feel that east campus has that unique aspect of home. I am able to walk to Marshburn Library from my apartment in University Village. It’s nice to have the tranquil mindset of knowing you don’t have to walk all the way to west campus in order to study. 

This is a huge perk because I am saving myself time to get to the library if I need to book a room or meet friends to study. Another benefit is that the east campus library has more study room options, which are accessible to blind people like me. The rooms are easy to navigate, and they are convenient in terms of quietness.

Azusa Pacific offers different eateries on both campuses as well. I truly believe that the options are quite good for such a small school and compared to other colleges. In my personal experience, west campus’s Duke Commons offers the best experience when it comes to eating. 

One of the few reasons is that the commons offers many sitting areas to enjoy with friends and feels like the food court at a mall. The APU community gets to appreciate the gatherings of different people. Small sofas, tables and the upstairs balcony are the different areas in Duke Commons where students may sit to do their homework as well. 

Apart from being a community area, Duke Commons offers the best service, delivering food at a fast pace to the customer. I’m sure that many people may differ from my opinion, but each person has their personal preference of choosing what they enjoy throughout the APU experience.

The odds are that some students have their own take on what they see as better in the east vs. west campus comparison. 

Emily Chew, a nursing major, said “I love studying on east campus Cougar Walk because I feel that I get to enjoy nature. Cougar Walk is a place to relax and hear the sound of nature.” Chew enjoys the company of people in general, but she also states that the best-looking classrooms are on west campus. This is due to the fact that west campus is more modern than east.

Another student, computer science major Ala Mikaele states that he enjoys the food on west campus. “I love to get my double burger with an egg, avocado and other ingredients that I could not do with the Grub hub app,” he said. Mikaele is referring to the fact that you must use the Grubhub app for ordering food through the Den’s policy. He prefers in-person orders. However, Mikaele also says that the best place to study is on east campus. “I love to see nature at its full potential by studying outside,” he said.

Rebecca Zheng, a games and interactive media major, said that her favorite place to eat is on east Campus at the 1899 Dining Hall. “I just like the fact that you get more choices of food selection compared to other dining services on campus, and you can expect a different menu every day,” she said. Zheng also shared that her preferred spot to study is Darling 408, the animation and gaming lab. “I just feel that I can call this place my study room,” she said. 

No matter what part of campus is your favorite, APU is a place full of excellent people. I truly believe that the best part of being a student on this campus is that we are one as a whole despite our campus being split in two.