One of the worst earthquakes to ever strike Turkey and Syria has caused thousands of losses and counting.

In the early morning of Feb. 6, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Turkey and Syria. About 5,000 buildings were reported damaged and 5,000 people were counted dead in Turkey and Syria, according to CNN

CNN also wrote that the earthquake is the largest disaster in the region’s history in over a century.

The biggest devastation happened in southeastern Turkey and northern Syria, as CSIS wrote. It continues on that Iraq, Israel, Lebanon and Jordan were among the regions that felt the effects of the earthquake. 

The disaster occurred in cold temperatures in which many people were affected by losing electricity. Gaziantep, the sixth largest city in Turkey with over 2 million people, was the most affected region within Turkey. 

Several countries are helping in humanitarian aid. The winter conditions of snow, rain and mudslides will make it complicated to assist those who are trapped within the ruins.

On Feb. 10, the death toll rose up to 10,000 people, according to BBC. The Earthquake had a measure of 62 miles of fault line in the southeastern region of Turkey and the northern region of Syria. This meant that structural buildings were destroyed as a consequence of the magnitude of the phenomenon. 

Ian Pannell, corresponding foreign chief from ABC News, traveled to many parts of Turkey where the earthquake devastated the region. He described in detail how the earthquake affected many people. 

Almost every single building has been either razed to the ground or is tumbling to one side like some ocean liner that’s starting to capsize. The images there are just truly, truly shocking,” HE said. 

Pannell said many people are in tears. Grief is the scenery that is displayed throughout the region. Dead bodies are carried in plastic bags to be buried into cemeteries.

Nine hours later, after the initial earthquake, another earthquake struck in the intersecting fault at a magnitude of 7.5. According to CBS News, Turkey and Syria have a very poor infrastructure when it comes to buildings. Most of the buildings did not have the support of seismic resistance to withstand earthquakes. 

On Feb. 11, Turkey reported 24,617 people dead and Syria reported 3,575 dead, according to CNN.