Looking for a fun and fresh bunch spot with affordable prices and endless food options? Broken Yolk Cafe in Glendora is the place for you!

Almost directly off of the historic Route 66 in Glendora, California lies a popular brunch spot. The Broken Yolk Cafe offers a variety of breakfast options ranging from their classic “American Breakfast” to their “South of the Border” favorites.

Originating in 1979 in Pacific Beach, San Diego, the Broken Yolk Cafe has become a SoCal favorite with over 30 locations and a growing Instagram following of 27.7k.

Their fame began in 2009 after the cafe was featured on Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food, which caught local residents’ attention to check it out.

Their location in Glendora has a bright, fun vibe that gives you a cozy aura when entering. It’s extremely family-friendly and even offers a kids’ menu

Their main base colors are teal, yellow and orange which ties back to the restaurant’s San Diego roots through a palm tree at sunset scene.

Recently, I visited the restaurant to get an in-depth experience of what the cafe is all about.

Their staff was attentive and effective at all times. When seated, I noticed they would come over every 5-10 minutes to ask if I needed anything and ensured I was well-educated on the menu and all of their favorite options. 

I tried the classic french toast with a side of hash browns and bacon. When the food was brought out (only 15 minutes after I ordered), I noticed it was made with quality and had a fancy presentation. The plate was huge, and I noticed the other portions around the cafe were also quite big.

I will admit my surprise at seeing that a stack of two pancakes was almost $12. When the entree arrived, however, a single pancake was the full size of the plate itself. All of the food options seem delicious, but it’s important to keep in mind how filling they really are. 

Some of their unique menu options include “Healthy Side Up,” which consists of wellness wraps, avocado toasts and even acai bowls. They also have their “South of the Border” choices such as chilaquiles, burritos and huevos rancheros.  

While Broken Yolk offers various food options, when it comes to drinks, you will certainly be drawn in. 

I enjoyed their wide variety of coffees, teas, juices and soft drinks. When receiving your drink, the glasses vary in size, shape and more, which provides customers with an extravagant presentation that makes them feel like they’re at a more upscale cafe. 

Broken Yolk continues to open its doors out of state as well and is growing by the day. Locations out of state include Arizona, Florida, Texas, Nevada and Idaho.

Even though the Glendora location is most convenient to the students of Azusa Pacific University, I suggest also trying their locations around Southern California as well, such as La Verne, Fullerton, Buena Park, Oceanside and more.

Overall, the cafe has excellent presentation when it comes to food, drinks and service. They pride themselves in the aspect of putting customers first, which is exactly what they do. From the  welcoming atmosphere to its delectable entrees, the cafe continues to be on top of its motto, “Life Begins After Breakfast at Broken Yolk Cafe.”