On Feb. 1, Beyoncé posted a special photo dedicated to the announcement of her new tour with the caption “Renaissance World Tour 2023.” Since then, the post has received over eight million likes and more than 200,000 comments. 

Beyoncé fans have been waiting for a new tour announcement. “The Formation World Tour” back in 2016 was the last time Beyoncé went on a solo worldwide tour. 

The worldwide tour begins with European dates starting in May. Fans speculated that Beyoncé would go on tour this year after she performed for the grand reveal of the Atlantis The Royal, a new luxury hotel in Dubai, which made it her first performance in years. 

North American dates for “The Renaissance Tour” will begin in July. However, tickets are available this month. Paying attention to which group you’re in for access is essential. 

Ticketmaster mentioned that “Beyoncé is distributing tickets in three different Verified Fan sales.” The presale for group A ended on February 2, the presale for group B ends on February 9 and for group C the presale ends on February 16. 

More information on how to obtain these tickets can be found online. The demand for “The Renaissance Tour” is expected to be high. Fans have already used social media to express their excitement. 

It’s crucial to be prepared and updated on new announcements regarding tickets; a repeat of what happened for Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour could surface again. During that time, Ticketmaster received a significant ticket demand and an insufficient inventory to meet the high demand. 

The shows will begin on May 10 in Stockholm and conclude on Sept. 27 in New Orleans. The upper-level seating tickets can go up to $500 or more, depending on the seat chosen. Lower-level seating and the VIP Platform could be more than $4,000. Many fans took to TikTok to express how they felt about ticket prices and provided advice to help fans get tickets.

In the photo shared on social media for the announcement of the 2023 tour, you can see Beyoncé wearing a disco-style cowboy hat. Since the post, the designer behind the hat has now had to shut her shop down due to high demand from fans wanting to buy the disco-style cowboy hat. 

Considering that the hat takes a lot of time to make, the shop owner spoke out and said she would be working to create more mirror-tile hats and re-open her shop again soon. 

Since the tour announcement, second shows have been added to seven cities. More information on the 2023 Renaissance World Wide tour can be found here.