Pressed + Flower is not your average coffee shop. The shop recently opened in Azusa, Calif., and is only five minutes from APU’s campus. With more than coffee on the menu, the shop also sells clothes, provides pastries, includes a positivity wall and more.

Pressed + Flower’s menu includes lattes, cereal, macarons, tea, matcha, parfaits and a wide variety of pastries. Not only could this spot be your next go-to coffee shop, but it could also be your go-to spot for quick breakfast foods.

The menu provided is a temporary menu. Soon, Pressed + Flower will update its menu daily with more added breakfast like gourmet toast, more pastries, paninis, salads and other lunch items. The date of this new addition is to be determined.

As for menu prices, the bagels offered are $3.25, bagels with cream cheese are $4.50, cereal with milk is $4.00, a granola parfait is $6.50, macarons are $1.25, lattes range from $3.50 to $6.75, signature iced teas are $6.00 and matchas are around $6.50.

When visiting the coffee shop, I tried two of their employees’ favorite drinks. The first was the violet bloom iced tea, which is blue pineapple tea, lemonade and cane sugar. The price of this iced tea is $5.50.

I also tried the signature lavender bee cold coffee. For this coffee, in particular, you have the option of choosing if you would like it hot or iced (I chose iced). Other coffees provided only have an iced option. The lavender bee coffee consists of cold brew, almond milk, honey and lavender syrup. If you choose the hot option instead of the cold brew, your coffee will consist of espresso. 

Photo Courtesy Of Alana Perkins

The violet bloom iced tea was very refreshing. If you’re looking for something light and revitalizing, I would recommend going for their tea. My only complaint with this drink is the amount of nugget ice. I suggest requesting light ice if you aren’t drinking the tea right away because the additional flavors will become watered down.

The violet bloom tea also needs to be stirred in order to fully taste all of the flavors. After the first sip without stirring the tea. It’s hard to taste the lemonade, blue pineapple and sugar mix. However, once the tea is stirred, the combination of flavors creates an amazing drink. No flavor dominates over another.

Next up is the lavender bee cold coffee. This coffee isn’t your average drink. It has a sweet taste, the milk doesn’t overpower the coffee and there isn’t too much honey. I would also suggest stirring the coffee to ensure all the flavors blend together.

Keep in mind that the lavender bee cold brew consists of lavender added at the top of the coffee. So, when mixing the coffee, the lavender blends throughout. Personally, I would suggest removing the lavender. For me, it didn’t feel like a good mix with the coffee. However, if you’re a lavender lover, keeping this ingredient would add a nice, floral flavor to your coffee.

Something special about Pressed + Flower is that they’re also a boutique. The coffee shop partners with companies that have something to sell. The shop has jewelry and clothing on display; this week’s clothing was featured from a thrift store. 

Photo Courtesy Of Alana Perkins

Last but not least, Pressed + Flower also has a colorful post-it wall. This wall can be seen as their wall of positivity and encouragement. Customers can write positive quotes, words of affirmation or anything positive to stick on the wall. 

Pressed + Flower coffee shop is open every day of the week from 7 AM to 7 PM. More information can be found on their Instagram