Loving Hut brings fresh vegan food to the Glendora cafe scene.

As a new vegan restaurant in Glendora, Loving Hut offers an amazing selection of dishes, from Asian cuisine to pasta and burgers. Located on South Grand Avenue, Loving Hut recently had its grand opening as a combined market and cafe. 

Loving Hut is not too far from campus, located on the left-hand side almost immediately after you turn right onto Grand Avenue from Route 66. It is about a three-minute drive or a 20-minute walk from APU’s East Campus.

The atmosphere inside is welcoming, with a selection of cakes in a glass case right at the entrance next to the counter. There’s an area to order food with the market section in the back area of the store. 

The market contains a wide variety of items, including rice paper, bottled tea, vegan ramen and even a pet food section. I would have loved to see more vegan snacks because I am always looking for substitutes for some of my old non-vegan favorites. However, I am hoping that they might expand to include more of these kinds of items.

There were tables to sit down and eat; however, it seemed the more popular option was take-out, as many people came in to get their orders on the go. The employees were time efficient and organized with these orders and also advertised that they offered DoorDash.

From the food menu, I selected their steamed dumplings, wonton soup and vegetable teriyaki and broccoli. However, when ordering, the man at the register helpfully suggested that the soup came with dumplings so a choice of spring rolls would be a better compliment to the meal. I took his suggestion and was very glad I did.

The spring rolls were fresh and delicious, with just a hint of mint that made them perfect. The rest of the food came out quickly and was all well-made and nicely presented. I particularly enjoyed the imitation textured vegetable protein that was used as a substitute for the usual beef in the vegetable teriyaki and broccoli dish.

I did not try any drinks on the menu, but they do offer a wide range of smoothies, including a tropical one and a green one. They also had Vietnamese iced coffee and Thai iced tea. 

For dessert, the cafe had a cake selection at the front, as mentioned earlier, with many different types including pumpkin spice, pineapple, chocolate and carrot cake. I ordered the carrot cake and it was incredible. The frosting was light and creamy while the cake itself was crumbly yet still moist. It was probably my favorite part of the meal.

The employees were very kind and helpful throughout the visit, offering to wrap up any leftovers so they would not dry out and making suggestions to accommodate anything I might need. I appreciated their open manner and thought they created a very welcoming environment. 

I paid around $30 for my meal of three different dishes, and the carrot cake was about $7. Overall, I would say the prices were reasonable for the current prices at many restaurants. However, as someone who goes to vegan restaurants periodically, their selection was actually surprisingly inexpensive. Their main dishes did not go above $13, and those were the bigger items such as burgers or sandwiches.

As a newer vegetarian, I am always on the lookout for new vegan places to try. It’s so enjoyable to go to restaurants like this because it makes ordering much easier than having to ask about every item to make sure it does not have meat in it. While many restaurants in the Azusa-Glendora area do have vegetarian options, there are few venues that are completely vegan. Plus, the fun, vegan market will definitely be my go-to for any snacks or easy at-home vegan meals I want to make.

I am very excited to go back here and would recommend Loving Hut to anyone, not just vegetarians and vegans, who are looking for delicious, fresh food.