On Oct. 14, APU Students walked for tacos while enjoying a variety of activities and sweet treats alongside friends. 

This past Friday, Campus Life held the annual Walk-O-Taco event where students received a taco for every two circles they made around the DRC field. At the event, Campus Life dressed up in taco costumes as they cheered on students rounding the laps. Some students strolled with cotton candy in their hands while chatting. Others (mostly those on the track team) ran for their free meal. Regardless of the student’s pace, the cloudy fall evening made for the perfect weather for getting in some exercise during a much-needed break from midterms. 

This event has been in the making since the beginning of the semester, according to senior Kaylyn Continente, a Campus Recreation Intern. She had an important role in dreaming up Walk-O-Taco last year and was heavily involved in planning this semester’s taco walk. 

“Last year people responded really well to this event, so I’m hoping for a good turnout today, but mostly just want everyone to have a good time and get good food,” she said. 

Photo courtesy of Morgan Faranov

Why tacos? Kara Spell, who is part of the Campus Recreation team, justified them as the perfect choice, saying, “Who doesn’t like tacos?” 

For senior Chi Lin, working the first aid booth, a taco represents an achievement. Though he said he was not too worried about students twisting an ankle or becoming dehydrated on the chilly evening, he was proud to hand out water bottles to the students who successfully walked for their tacos (adding that the chicken taco was the best, in his opinion.) 

Sophomore Ashley Martin, a participant in the event, expressed that the meaning of the evening went deeper than tacos. She said, “We go to a Christian university. Did Jesus have the Last Supper? Of course he did. Him and his disciples congregated over food. So we are emulating that by walking and eating tacos. Are we eating the body of Christ? Heck no, but we’re eating some good food, listening to some good music. What could be better than eating and congregating and being in the presence of Christ with our people?” 

Photo courtesy of Morgan Faranov

Martin is not the only participant who enjoyed herself. Freshman Eliza Meyer didn’t want the event to end. “My friends and I played corn hole, mini golf, frisbee and we danced to the music until the event ended at seven. We wanted to keep dancing and eating tacos.” 

Other activities that entertained the steady crowds included a bounce-house obstacle course, a photobooth and a scavenger hunt where students dug for prizes in the sand. 

Junior Gavin Epp, the marketing intern for Campus Life, helped create many of the designs for Walk-O-Taco on the banners and on social media. He feels that events like these are essential for the college experience. 

“Something we as Campus Life do is try to make meaningful experiences — that’s what it says on the back of our shirts. For those who are newer to APU and don’t know people, they should try to come to as many events as possible, because you’re guaranteed to meet someone. I met some of my closest friends doing events, so you never know who you’ll meet.” 

For students who are wanting to get more involved on campus, there are several upcoming events, including “Jazz, Art, Coffee,” “Harvest Extravaganza” and “Into the GALAxy,” which is APU’s fall dance. Students can find out more about these events on APU Campus Life’s Instagram page where all of the details are posted.