This spooky holiday allows people of all ages to become whatever they choose; here are some ideas to try out.

Each Halloween, creativity is key to finding the perfect costume for that year. It’s a time to test the waters and try a new costume. Though some are expensive, Halloween costumes don’t have to break the bank — there are budget-friendly options as well!

There are some costumes that are seen as “classics,” an easy choice every year. We’re talking cat, witch and ghost. Those costumes are a no-fail, easy way to go. This list, however, is composed of more creative options.

Many costumes follow the trajectory of recent popular films and of the classics. A few examples include “Top Gun Maverick,” “Euphoria,” “Stranger Things” and even “Don’t Worry Darling” since many of the costumes are set in the ’50s. 

Photo Courtesy of Heathervesta via Creative Commons 

These costumes can easily be done with a little help from thrift shops, clothing stores, clothes you already have and perhaps Amazon. 

A few classic film costumes would be styles from “The Outsiders,” such as Soc and greaser-inspired outfits and “Grease” characters Danny and Sandy in either their appearances at the beginning of the film or at the end with Sandy’s style change.

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Costumes from movie classics are also easy to put together since the majority of the outfits in the films are made up of rather normal clothing. For example, jeans, skirts, plain shirts and denim or leather jackets. These will be easy to find, and thrift shops will work great if they aren’t in your closet.

Horror movies also make great costumes that fit perfectly into the Halloween theme. Some of the most popular masks are Ghostface from the film “Scream,” Michael Myers from “Halloween,” Pennywise the Clown from “It” and characters from Beetlejuice. Some other great options are zombies, vampires and witches from “Hocus Pocus.”

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons from Onasill-Bill

These costumes are fairly easy to recreate. The best place to look is either a Halloween store or Amazon. 

Some of the funniest costumes out there are ones filled with puns, humor and an ounce of dad joke. There is a large amount of creativity that goes into these costumes. 

One idea is the “French kiss”, where you dress up in a french style outfit but have the makeup of the rock band KISS. “Breadwinner” is also a great option; have medals around your neck and hold bags of bread. Another idea is “smarty pants;” simply have the candy taped to your pants. Following the food idea, there is Taco Belle: the princess Belle but there are tacos on her dress.

There is no end to the creativity of these costumes. Being really easy to pull off, most of the items involved can be found at Dollar Tree or Target.

As college students, our time gets filled very quickly. Sometimes, the easiest costumes to go with are DIY ones. Some of the most popular ones are getting a solid print t-shirt with the M&M logo on it and going as an M&M. A similar idea is Skittles or even a deck of cards. It’s a simple and effective way of having a costume without spending too much time or money. 

Solo costumes are great, but if you want to do a group costume then here are some ideas for you.

Most of the groups are from films where the main characters are in a group. The group from the movie “Breakfast Club” or as mentioned above, “Grease” or “The Outsiders.” Another idea would be the superheroes from the “Avengers” movies. The duo of Batman and the Joker is a great idea for a two-person costume. 

If you want to go as a group, try costumes from popular, beloved shows like “Stranger Things,” “That 70’s Show” and “Friends” that many people recognize. Going back to childhood cartoons, “Scooby-Doo” and his crime-fighting friends are another classic group outfit.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons from Inside the Magic

This Halloween, get creative and step outside of your comfort zone with costumes!