Tony’s Tacos has the quality, prices and support from students to be a main food hub in Azusa.

This past week I had the pleasure of checking out a local food spot here in Azusa. In just one visit it has become one of my go-to spots for lunch. If you ever get out of class early or find yourself craving some Mexican food or just need some quality and affordable grub, Tony’s Tacos is the place for you.

Tony’s Tacos is located down the street from APU’s east campus on Alosta Avenue, an easy three minute drive or a light walk that’s less than a mile. You can find the small taco shop right in between the Mexican meat market and the cleaners. Tony’s Tacos has been a part of the community for three years and recently reopened after some remodeling. 

Since the taco shop is small, it doesn’t offer inside seating, but that doesn’t stop the employees from giving a warm welcome along with great customer service. You can tell they’re happy to be in this community and serve the students who come to eat their food.

They have weekly specials that combine one of their food items with a soda. Their most popular day is Tuesday when the tacos are only $1! They also have two specials for APU and Citrus College students: $7.25 for four tacos with a soda and $9.99 for a taco plate served with rice and beans and a soda.

Tony’s Tacos menu ranges from burritos, quesadillas, tortas, salad bowls, menudo, pozole, nachos, street dogs, dinner plates, Mexican desserts like flan and arroz con leche and select seafood such as fish and shrimp tacos. Of course, their most popular item is their tacos.

Their tacos are street style: double corn tortillas with onions and cilantro topping off the taco. The employees of the taco shop recommended the asada and pastor tacos to me and they did not disappoint. The asada had a classic juicy taste and the pastor was sweet and instantly melted in the mouth. 

Their chips and salsas were also top notch. The chips and guacamole were a perfect side to the tacos. Their spicy red salsa and mild yet sweet green salsa added more flavor to the already delicious tacos. Be sure to grab each salsa to partner with your food.

It’s also worth mentioning that the service was fast and the food came out fresh and hot. The food comes in to-go boxes, making it easy to eat in the car or on campus.

In times like these, it’s important to give back to local businesses, especially since they give so much. Tony’s Tacos is exactly that; they have the quality food and customer service to make it a staple here in Azusa and a favorite food spot for students.