Step into Fall with style!

Fall is the season to bust out the warm tones, cardigans and a nice pair of boots. With October upon us, sweater weather is in full-swing. This season is met with changing colors, cooler air and falling leaves, and with that comes covering up with jackets and sweaters. 

Although this holds true in other environments, Southern California weather doesn’t require bundling up. Even still, there are days when it gets a little cooler than others.

Below are eight of this season’s trends — and don’t worry, they’re SoCal friendly!

Sweaters and Cardigans

Where a sweatshirt may be too warm, a cardigan or sweater might do just the trick. They are easy to layer and as easy to remove if you get too warm. Some of the best outfits to pair with a sweater are jeans, over a dress, or even with a tank top and shorts underneath.

Photo courtesy of Scott Broome via Unsplash

Boston Clogs

A style that is coming to light in this year’s fall is Boston Clogs. These shoes fit any gender and any outfit. As closed-toed sandals, they provide just the right amount of warmth without being too summery. 

Photo courtesy of Dwayne Joe via Unsplash

Biker shorts with a Sweatershirt

A typical style that is commonly seen around SoCal is shorts with an oversized sweater, sweatshirt or jacket over the top. A trend that has been noticed lately was the biker short trend, which combines biker shorts and a sweater or sweatshirt over the top. The sweatshirt provides warmth, but the shorts bring coolness from the California heat. 

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Escher via Unsplash

Baggy Denim

According to Vogue, “Ultra-Baggy Denim” is coming in for 2022 fall fashion. Wide-legged pants have been coming into trend these past couple of months when they hit the runway in the summer and are here to stay throughout the fall. This wide-leg style is gender neutral and can pair well with a variety of graphic tees. 

Photo courtesy of Adam Barclay via Unsplash

Cargo Pants

Along with the idea of baggy denim pants, cargo pants are making a large appearance in this year’s fall fashion trends. A simple, gender-neutral pair of pants could pair well with cable knit jumpers, plain shirts or tank tops depending on the weather, which is perfect for SoCal’s cool mornings and warm afternoons.

Photo courtesy of Sean Benesh via Unsplash

Blue Jeans and A White T-Shirt

On the Vogue Runway this fall, they are staying classic: “Is there a fashion combination more timeless and quintessentially American than the white shirt and jeans?”

Blue jeans and a white shirt are a simple, go-to style that can be dressed up or down. 

Photo courtesy of Marek Mucha via Unsplash

Maxi Skirt

One underrated item this fall is the maxi skirt. Compared to the mini skirt, the maxi hits just above the knee and offers more leg coverage for a time when the weather is cooling down but still very warm. Maxi skirts can be dressed up or down for different occasions and go with many different kinds of tops. 

Photo courtesy of Olga Guryanova via Unsplash


A comfortable pair of shoes for a great day in the city or a nice event is a good pair of loafers. Fashion writer at Vogue, Madeline Fass, states, “The penny-less slip-on silhouette adds an understated style element to any look. Compared to the lug soles and visible-logo options of seasons past, these embrace the stealth chic and quiet-luxury feeling that is happening now.”

Loafers are a simple style for any outfit and a great shoe for the fall season as the air gets colder. 

Photo courtesy of David Lazcano

Fall is the season when summer clothes are too chilly and winter clothes are too much. Layers are a good idea, such as a light sweater. Jeans and a basic T-shirt are a classic combination. 

Being in Southern California during the fall, the weather fluctuates from 90-degree weather to slightly cloudy to rain every now and then. It’s slightly unpredictable, and having clothes that can mix and match to multiple seasons is smart and helpful.