As the world watches and takes action over the war between Russia and Ukraine, what thoughts and opinions does the APU community have?

As Russia and Ukraine continue their conflict, people all over the world have expressed many different opinions and views of the situation. News websites, social media and news channels have and will continue to deliver coverage of the war including ZU Media. For those here at APU who wonder what the APU community thinks of this whole situation, here are some answers.

The conflict itself has been in the making for many years since Ukraine was originally part of the Soviet Union. However, ever since the breakup of the USSR, there has been tension between the two countries. Ukraine wants to remain independent while Russia, specifically President Vladimir Putin, wishes to reintegrate Ukraine back into Russia.

In 2014, the two sides entered into a conflict known as the pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine. Some remember this as the first time they heard about the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Christopher Leland, who is a professor and chairman of both the Department of Communication Studies and Department of Design at APU, shared that he first heard about it back in 2014 but really got interested when one of his sons who works for military intelligence spoke with him about the buildup of Russian aggression back in mid-December.

Professor Leland said his biggest concern is the economic situation for many countries including the U.S. “Prices have gone up whether the actual resources will be less plentiful or not,” said Leland.

He added that the conflict is based on economics and natural gas. Since Russia’s economy has been in poor shape since its post-USSR inception, Putin wants to take Ukraine’s large supply of natural gas to galvanize his own economy.

Ryan Almedia, a senior animation visual effects major, first heard of the international situation from some friends on social media who posted news of Russia invading Ukraine. Dominick Castro, a junior history major, and Bruce Lakin, a junior international relations major, both heard of the current conflict from the news media.

Castro and Almedia’s biggest concerns are the citizens and families in Ukraine that have been suffering the most in this international crisis. Both added that they fear this may lead to a third world war if NATO or the United States directly intervene in Ukraine.

Lakin stated that his concern is how this will t  negatively affect our country’s economy and the American way of life. “This is something that we should not intervene in much as this is more of a European issue,” he added.

When asked what they hope our country will do to help settle this issue, the answers varied.

Leland pointed out that if our country starts targeting Putin personally and possessions like his money or political power, it could help the war come to an end  sooner than later.

Lakin gave a different opinion which was that our government should not try to intervene too much or else it could cause the war to escalate more than it currently is.

Almedia pointed toward supporting the refugees as they have been the ones who have suffered the most during this international crisis.

Castro’s words were aimed at the Russian government. “We should focus on targeting those who have money and power in Russia. If they go, then the government will pretty much crumble,” he commented.

Finally, when asked if they think this conflict will come to an end very soon, the respondents shared similar views.

Castro believes that the war will last for months, adding that it will probably end in one of two ways: either one side loses or the whole thing escalates.

Lakin responded in stating that the conflict itself will likely last a couple of months, but tensions and smaller battles will continue on for years as the situation itself has been in the making over the past two decades.

Leland simply replied that he does not know as this war is still in its beginning stages.. However, he hopes that in the end, things will be settled and the fighting will cease.

“I think the only way that there is a peace talk being conducted is due to Ukraine fighting back hard against Russia,” he later pointed out.

Almedia reflected and said, “As of now, I think it will go on for a while. But that can change with each new update that comes up.”