Prove your humanity

The new coffee and churros spot is a must for college students and locals to hangout and enjoy amazing drinks, food and atmosphere.

Established in 2019, the relatively new Azucanela Churreria opened up where Eureka Cafe used to be right on Foothill Blvd. It is only just down the street from APU’s west campus and an easy walk straight down Foothill Blvd. from the last trolley stop near the soccer fields on the campus. This adorable cafe offers a wide variety of coffee selections as well as delicious house-made churros and avocado toast.

Their menu was more expansive than I thought it was going to be for a smaller place and they also had a large selection of seasonal options such as the classic pumpkin spice latte and a rose latte. They offer many different types of horchata and coffee or you have the option of mixing them! Their churros can be ordered whole or in bite-sized form and you can add different toppings like caramel. 

They are open everyday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and I would definitely recommend adding this spot to your list of study cafes. It has great ambiance inside and out with cute furniture and large comfy couches to relax and read on. They even have a gas fireplace which gives the whole cafe a cozy and inviting feel. 

The outside area is also really aesthetically pleasing, with lots of string lights and colorful chairs. You can tell the owners worked hard to make the entire cafe feel welcoming and home-like — and they definitely succeeded. 

The atmosphere was calm, with lovely Mexican music playing in the background, adding to the general theme of authentic Hispanic culture. The menu had a mix of Spanish and English words on it which may be difficult for some customers to understand. However, it’s nothing to be intimidated by and the baristas are understanding and willing to explain any items that you might be unsure about. 

Their service was great and the coffee and churros arrived in a very timely manner. There were only a couple of workers when I went and they were very friendly and attentive to anything that was needed. It felt very casual and familiar. 

The latte tradicional and an order of churro bites was what I sampled. The drink was delicious, although a little strong, so next time I go, I’ll order something a bit sweeter. But for a strong coffee lover, this drink is perfect. 

The churro bites were to die for — soft and warm on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside. Coated with cinnamon sugar, these were by far the best churros I have had in a long time. They matched perfectly with my coffee, creating an amazing combination of favors.

The prices for the drinks were definitely reasonable for a small coffee shop, not more than anything I have seen in the area. The size that you get for the cost is really good. At other places you would get a smaller drink for the same price as a medium one here. For the churros the pricing was great and you get three churros or one large serving of churro bites for the same amount of money. The churros bites were absolutely worth it.  

I found this was a great study environment because of the ambient music and relaxing atmosphere inside. Busy Foothill Blvd. runs right along the outside area so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that area for studying, but it is a great place to hangout and talk with the vibrant string lights and city noises. 

Overall, I greatly enjoyed my visit to Azucanela and I will for sure be heading back soon to sample another one of their delicious coffees and cozy up by the fire to read or study. I would absolutely recommend this adorable cafe to everyone and suggest that they stop in some time soon to breathe in the culture and feel at home just like I did.