Ladies get ready, we’re getting a redo for our summer wardrobe. 


Summer of 2020 

Sweatpants, hoodies, baggy t-shirts and house slippers were my daily outfits during the summer of 2020. Coronavirus came and took out the fun that summer and definitely sucked the life out of my closet. I didn’t have anywhere to go, places were closed down and all there was to do was go to work and stay home. I wondered if the world will ever have a summer again or will my closet continue to be dull and boring for another year. 

I told myself that if that there was hope for another summer and places were to reopen again I would give my closet a second chance. With this second chance, I want to have the opportunity to inspire those who have the same idea for their summer wardrobe as well. With what we have missed over the year since coronavirus we can bring back everything we wanted to wear in 2020 and include it into the summer of 2021. That second chance is coming this summer and we will all have the opportunity to revamp our wardrobe. 


What fashion trends are in 

Get ready, shopping for summer clothes this year is a lot more fun when there are places to go and have some fun this year. It’ll be nice and warm out so we have to make sure we’re ready for any type of weather coming our way. Crop tops, puffy sleeves, wrap-around straps, pastel, crochet, bucket hats and wide-leg trousers are all making a come back so it is time to shop now before it’s too late. 

Old trends from the summer of 2020 can be brought back since summer was spent the right way that year. Neon colors, cut out in the mid-section, trench coats, denim and tropical prints can be brought back into our closets this year. It will definitely bring life and give a little taste of something different for you to wear this year. 


Where to shop 

It is always easy and smarter to shop now because pricing is cheaper and inventory has more in stock. If we are working with a price limit and trying to shop on a low budget, there are a few places to shop in-store or online. Shein, Forever 21, Boohoo, Fashion Q and Cotton On are great places to shop on a budget and still manage to purchase cute clothing. If you are looking to shop online Shein and Boohoo have great deals and always have a sale. Forever 21, Fashion Q, and Cotton On have better prices and sales if you shop in the store. Princess Polly, Fashion Nova and PrettyLittleThing are more on the pricier side but their clothes don’t disappoint. The quality is really good and the price for it is the type of quality you will get. 

Let’s look forward to the new fashion trends and having the chance to shop for a purpose this year. It will make shopping fun and your closets will be appreciated that you’re bringing life and color into your wardrobe again. Don’t miss out on the sales and products being offered now, before you know it, it’ll be too late to update your summer 2021 closet.