Lead Campus Pastor Woody Morwood will be transitioning out of APU

On Monday, Lead Campus Pastor James “Woody” Morwood announced he is transitioning out of APU. The announcement came during morning chapel where Morwood covered a passage from Luke. Morwood said although he loves APU and its community, he feels God is calling him to a new stage in life.

“It is so hard to leave a people and a place that has meant so much to me, but I also want to be ready, willing and obedient for what God is preparing for me in the next season of ministry,” Morwood said. “I will be eternally grateful to APU students, staff, faculty, administration and Board of Trustees for my life changing season of ministry here at APU.”

Morwood has worked at APU for 15 years. In that time, he has given more than 600 sermons and has aided students with pastoral counseling and discipleship.

After the announcement, Campus Pastor Ta’Tyana Leonard, Executive Vice President David Bixby and Board of Trustees member Ray Johnston were invited on stage to share encouraging words, ask questions and pray for Morwood and his family.

“I’m excited that Woody and his family have found the peace to move forward in obedience,” Leonard said. “It’s always tough to leave something that you know and understand, but it takes so much faith to reach out and trust God.”

Morwood and his wife were gifted the trip of a lifetime by the Board of Trustees for his service to both God and APU. The trip includes a visit to Athens, Greece.

“Woody has done the three things that I think great Christian leaders do,” Johnston said. “Which is live well, love well and lead well. And when you look at the team [APU] has put together, those values will continue.”

Leonard led the prayer for Morwood as chapel came to a close. The APU community will have a chance to give their goodbyes and well wishes to Morwood during Year End Surprise (YES) Chapel on April 26, an optional morning chapel.

Many individuals have begun conversations in person and on social media to discuss how Morwood has impacted their lives at APU. For many of them, Morwood has been an integral part of their APU journey.

“[Woody] did an amazing job as a campus pastor, and now he’s on to the next adventure,” Bixby said. “I would say his fingerprints are all over this campus, and I would hope we taught him a fraction of what he taught us during his time here. I love Woody.”

Morwood has not yet publicly stated what he aims to do after leaving APU, but expressed his trust that God will guide him through his next season of ministry.