Due to an ongoing battle over owning the rights to her music, Taylor Swift releases a new version of the long-time beloved song “Love Story.”

On Feb. 12 Taylor Swift released her re-recorded hit single “Love Story” and Swifties all over the world are thrilled to relive their childhood. The singer-songwriter recently announced that she will be releasing a new version of her entire 2008 album “Fearless,” due to controversy with her former label. “Love Story,” a fan favorite since the beginning of her career, was the first song to be released from this new edition of her old album. 

Due to contractual objections and legalities, Swift was unable to keep control over her songs on the “Fearless” album. In fact, Swift doesn’t own the rights to any of her songs released before her 2019 album “Lover.” Through many disputes, including bans on performing her old songs, she decided to reclaim ownership of her hits by rerecording the album. By doing so, she will now have the possession of these old songs or “Taylor’s Version,” at least. 

While the new recording of “Love Story” contains the same lyrics and melodies as the past version, there are plenty of notable differences that make the recent release exhilarating. It’s safe to say that “Taylor’s Version” of the 2008 hit oozes maturity with crisper notes and more advanced production. While the singer initially wrote the song based on a real life experience — often speculated to be about former boyfriend Joe Jonas — it’s inevitable that the true passion lies in the original recording when the singer was in love with her “Romeo.” But the most significant difference between the two? “Taylor’s Version” is owned by Swift. 

Despite these differences, Swift has still managed to keep what made the iconic song so revered — the relatability of a teen’s longing for their prince charming and true love. The singer even brought back her old touring band to play on the recording to recreate a similar sound and keep the magic alive. 

If all goes according to plan, Swift will remake her first six albums in order to replace the older versions. With “Fearless,”  Swift has promised fans a mixture of old favorites as well as some unreleased songs. The singer claims to have written other songs during the “Fearless” era that her label didn’t allow her to put on the album, and she has declared that the music will finally be released to the world this time around. Fans are patiently awaiting the rest of the album which is scheduled to release on Apr. 9, 2021. 

The lead single broke streaming charts again as Swift gets revenge for all of the backlash she received from her former label — Big Machine Records. The new recording outshined the original version on streams within the first day it was dropped. History is repeating itself as one of her most successful albums is listened to by the world for round 2. With only one song released thus far, “Taylor’s Version” may even exceed the success of the original recordings. Along with the rest of the old hits set to come out soon, “Love Story” has pleased fans with its modern twist and nostalgic charm.

Swift’s ongoing battle to regain ownership of her music just may have been worth it. The new edition of “Love Story” is sentimental for many, and Swift has been successful in preserving what once made the hit so captivating. Fans all around the globe are celebrating the new version of her much adored album from 13 years ago. With the artist dropping two new albums within the last year, this marks a truly monumental era for Swifties.