A guide to a more sustainable wardrobe

Yes, fast fashion is convenient and pocket-friendly — but what about the other cost?

Nearly every year, society collectively rebrands with new trends from the fashion industry. With increasing concern for the environment and public interest in sustainable practices, people are more inclined to question the ethics of where their clothes come from.

Even though fast fashion is convenient for consumers and gets trending products into stores quickly, it has become infamous for its alarming unsustainable and unethical practices. And to be blunt, the clothes are not even worth the detrimental impact. Luckily, there are a plethora of sustainable, ethical and fashionable apparel options out there. 

Here is a brief list of brands that support the switch to a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe.


Patagonia is a leader in the movement for sustainable fashion. The brand is fair trade certified and practices transparency in regards to their environmental and social footprint. Patagonia is a great source for sustainable clothing and other products, offering a wide selection from swimwear to adventure gear.

Levi’s SecondHand

Levi’s SecondHand brings the brand into a new light. Levi’s recent launch of their thrift-trade style branch creates an opportunity for brand lovers to purchase the same products they want but in a more sustainable way. The branch has an exchange and rewards program, allowing participants to drop off brand clothing in return for store credit, which can then be used for the revamped selection.


Pact also uplifts clothing donation and recycling practices. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Pact is one of the more affordable ethical brands offered from the USA. Their clothing is made through fair trade certified facilities in India, and most products are made with 100% fair trade organic cotton. 

Azura Bay

Azura Bay is an ethical advocate that offers an eco-friendly selection of mainly lingerie and loungewear. The retailer exclusively sells products that are made of sustainable fabrics only, with careful consideration for the ethicality of every brand’s sourcing and manufacturing tactics. Azura Bay’s selection supports plus-size inclusivity and only uses environmentally friendly packaging. The retailer donates to various environmental and female-empowerment organizations and seeks to uplift the people who wear the clothes and the people who make them.

Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought understands the urgency for sustainable change in the fashion industry. This brand provides an inclusive variety of sustainable clothing options for men, women and children with sizes ranging from XS to XXL. The brand is remarkably transparent with their ethical footprint, showcasing the fashion industry’s dirt on their website and letting consumers know what actions they take to clean up their eco-impact. They are intentional about reducing waste in their manufacturing methods, taking the necessary steps to conserve energy and water. 

Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids provides a resource for ethical headwear and accessories. The brand was born from an opportunity to uplift impoverished communities in Uganda. The brand intends to empower makers toward a brighter future by employing people affected by poverty and paying them fair wages. They establish secure ethical sourcing and work closely with their sister brand, KNOWN SUPPLY, to ensure the personalization and empowerment of product makers abroad.


The Canadian brand Tentree is a sustainable source for inclusive clothing and accessories. Not only is the brand an eco-advocate that encourages environmentally-friendly choices, but they go the extra mile to plant trees across the globe with each order placed. They even offer specific “Climate+ packages” to plant more trees, offering consumers the opportunity to combat their own carbon footprint. The brand offers sustainably created clothing for indoor days, outdoor activities and anytime usage for women and men.


Short for “A Mindful Use of Resources,” AMUR provides sustainable high end clothing for women. The sustainable and eco-friendly apparel collection offers quality tops, jumpsuits, dresses and skirts. They use natural fibers for their products and recycle unwanted clothing by transforming them into new pieces, giving meaning to the reason behind their name. Created in New York City, the brand backs the idea that style does not have to jeopardize the environment. The brand seeks to provide balance between, “beauty and good intentions.”