Rachel Green approves

“Friends” is a show that seems to have it all: humor, romance, friendship and even a sense of comfort for those of us who have seen the series multiple times. But best of all, the show has top tier fashion.

Throughout our time in quarantine, many have started rewatching “Friends,” and have once again rediscovered the iconic styles sported throughout the series.

Plaid Mini Skirt

A recent trend is the plaid mini skirt

This look is arguably one of Rachel Green’s most iconic looks. The plaid skirt paired with knee high socks gives a school girl feel, and the mock turtle neck adds a chic element to the outfit.

As I’ve been out and about, whether shopping, going out to eat or church, I’ve seen many girls sporting plaid skirts, often with sweaters or long sleeve tops.

Photo courtesy of thezoereport.com.                                                                  Photo by Liz Fitch

This style is great for fall, especially for those of us who live in warmer climates. The look is versatile as you can wear it with tights, boots and a sweater if it’s too chilly.

Slip Dresses

Another trend making its way back into the forefront of fashion are slip dresses. 

Slip dresses are seen throughout “Friends” and are great staple pieces for any season. If it’s cold, a mock turtleneck and a pair of boots create a more chic look. Another option is to wear the slip dress with no layers at all and to pair it with some sandals to give a care-free look.

 Photos courtesy of Glamour Magazine                        Photo courtesy of @cocoandlola on Instagram

Oversized Clothing

Another look that has been on trend for awhile is an oversized top with mom jeans.

Monica wears a denim-on-denim version of this trend in season three of the show. She pairs the look with white sneakers, another trend from the past.

    Photo courtesy of The Cut and Marie Claire                                         Photo by Megan Wilhelm

Oversized sweatshirts and sweaters are on trend as well. Each friend has their fair share of oversized clothing.

                Photos courtesy of Society19 and Marie Claire


When it comes to shoes, platforms have been on the rise (pun intended).

On the show, platform sandals were most commonly seen, but both platform sandals and sneakers have been back in style for a couple of years now.

Converse has platform sneakers ranging from rainbow to plain white, along with Superga, another popular brand for platform sneakers. Even Vans has a few pairs. When it comes to platform sandals, Steve Madden, Free People and similar brands have a wide selection, ranging from strappy to sliders.

 Photos courtesy of idiva.com                                                                          Photo by Megan Wilhelm

Dresses and Sneakers

Another trend I saw all over campus last semester is a flowy floral dress paired with sneakers. We see Monica wear this outfit on the episode titled “The One with the Flashback.”

  Photo courtesy of idiva.com                            Instagram influencer and fashion blogger Dani Austin 

This trend has been especially popular with white sneakers, similar to how Monica wears it on the show. It’s the perfect look if you want something that is casual and comfortable.

The Color Yellow

Butter yellow is also in style, and surprise, surprise, this color was also trendy on “Friends.” Rachel rocks a turtleneck and a sleeveless dress while Monica sports a pale denim jacket in the series pilot.

 Photo courtesy of Marie Claire and NBC and thezoereport.com                  Photo by Megan Wilhelm


“Friends” has also inspired a lot of athleisure looks, which are perfect because of quarantine.

The Thanksgiving episode in season three of the show showcases the group of friends in comfy pants, oversized sweatshirts, t-shirts and sneakers.

We have all rocked some form of this outfit, whether quarantined or not.

     Photo courtesy of Glamour Magazine                             Photo by Megan Wilhelm