Protests, Policy Change and Crime continues in MN

George Floyd’s death ignited a worldwide movement. While the world “woke up” to long standing racial injustices following the weeks after Floyd’s death, Floyd has since faded from social media and the news. But a ten minute walk on Lake Street in downtown Minneapolis shows his death is still fresh in memory, and his city will not forget. 

I spent time at my family’s house, which is located a block from the Cup Foods where George Floyd lost his life. Here is a small snapshot into what the community looks like now. 

A mural near Lake St. untouched by the fires.

A blue painted Angel lays where George Floyd was killed.

A torn “Youth in Action Sign” remains intact next to rubble.

A ripped American flag next to the 3rd Police Precinct.

A tent community market allows locals to shop for groceries after the Cub foods was burned down.

“Ain’t No One |Safe in this Happy City.”

The George Floyd Memorial is set to be taken down on August 17th.

A mural sits next to the Midtown Farmers Market.

The Midtown Farmers Market was busy while following CDC guidelines.

The George Floyd Memorial extends for multiple blocks.

A sign sits in front of a local house.

Artwork like this one can be seen all around Minnealpolis.

A sign set up in front of the Post Office.

Street art located before the George Floyd memorial.

The “Say Their Names” Memorial represents Black Americans killed by the police.