From James Zarres, junior psychology major:


“This change has for sure thrown me in a whirlwind of different emotions. From going online when I chose this university for the community it provides in the classroom, to then being let go from my on campus job that I use to pay my bills, my world has for sure been completely flipped upside down. Although these situations have been challenging in their own ways, they’re not even the worst of what’s happened to me because of this pandemic.

My roommate and I learned via a friend’s text that we came into contact with someone who was exposed to an individual with the virus, and were placed in quarantine on campus. I was planning on going home. I was all packed and ready to leave APU in the morning until that text came in…

While everyone is ‘social distancing’ and semi ‘quarantining’ on social media, we have been making arrangements for grocery runners and figuring out how to legitimately quarantine ourselves inside our apartment in order to prevent any potential spread of anything. It was sort of eye opening to see how susceptible we really are, even though we are young. Overall, I was nervous but knew if I did get it, I would end up okay, given the statistics.

It’s weird feeling like I would want to be nowhere else than home with my family, yet at the same time, wanting that to be the last place I would go right now.

I think everyone is going through similar, yet also very different, circumstances at the same time. Something that has been helpful for me has been FaceTiming my friends to check in and see how they’re doing. Also, using a planner to make sure I’m organized and ready for the week ahead.

Am I stressed? Yeah. Do I know what this week will bring? Heck no. But what I do know is that I believe in a God who does know what the future holds. That’s where I choose to place my trust. That’s what will help us get through this.”