Whether you are watching from a television, laptop or phone screen that is strategically propped up against your textbook during class, Netflix is set to bring a big October haul of new content:

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

A diverse lineup ranging from The Rugrats Movie to Scream 2 is on the way. Looking at the listings, there’s something to meet every need during this pumpkin spice filled air and knit sweater season.

Because Netflix likes to teach us the principles of patience by releasing content in intervals, (though I’d much rather feast on all the new shows and movies all at once), I have broken down the release schedule by date down below. 

But first, I thought I’d share some of my top picks.

Since it’s an October release schedule, let’s talk about some highly anticipated thrillers. In a 1997 review, a critic claimed that Scream 2 is “handsomely shot” and has “an eerily unsettling score,” dubbing the film to be a “smooth piece of goods.” The classic phone ring and raspy, deep voice are still Halloween staples 22 years later, and will arrive on Netflix on Oct. 1.   

“In The Tall Grass,” a horror novella by Stephen King and Joe Hill is yet another Netflix film ready to take your Halloween spirit to a new level. This adaption will air on Oct. 4.

However, some people just aren’t into heart-pounding, blood-curdling films. So what else is coming to Netflix? There are several good action flicks that will get you eating a full bowl of popcorn. 

On Oct.1, both Charlie’s Angeles and Charlie’s Angeles: Full Throttle will appear on the streaming service. With the reboot hitting theatres on Nov. 15, you can get your spunk and fearless attitude fully loaded just in time for the new adaptation. Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen and Men in Black II will also hit the screen that same day, while the original Men in Black will appear on Oct. 19. 

But what has the Netflix audience excited the most is El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, a Breaking-Bad continuation. It reunites fans with Breaking Bad’s infamous Jesse Pinkman and follows him through his escape after being forced to cook meth for a gang.

Feel good movies are also on the way with a leading film that promises to make you cry, laugh and feel inspired: The Pursuit of Happyness. The Gabriele Muccino film will arrive on Oct. 1. 

Also on Oct. 1, people who love a good laugh with some frivolous remarks will be chanting “Welcome to Good Burger. Home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order,” as Good Burger will be added to the selection.  

And for more uplifting variety, a docuseries hosted by Reese Witherspoon will take the screen on Oct. 28. Witherspoon goes on a quest to talk to women who inspire her and to learn about their individual stories of success.    

But Netflix doesn’t stop with the thrillers, action flicks and feel-good choices. It also brings food for thought in the new docuseries “Living Undocumented,” produced by Selena Gomez. The docuseries will highlight eight families and will “illuminate and humanize the complex U.S. immigration system.

So grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte, put on your favorite knit sweater and get ready for Netflix’s October line up of original films, docuseries, classic television and more.