The Department of Justice released the redacted Mueller report in its entirety.


On Thursday, the Department of Justice released the redacted Mueller Report. The investigation was done by Robert Mueller and his team to investigate Russian interference and involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

This exhaustive investigation report goes into detail about a variety of topics. These include:

  • If President Donald Trump obstructed justice during the 2016 election. According to an article in The New York Times, the Mueller team found the Trump administration had no criminal involvement with the Russian team during the election.
  • According to an article from CNN, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was dishonest with the media about the firing of the FBI director. “The White House Press Secretary conceded in an interview with Mueller she made statements to the media that were not based in fact,” the article said.
  • The Mueller team investigated 10 possible accounts of obstruction but could not reach a conclusion for any of them, according to The New York Times.
  • According to the report, there are 14 other investigations that arose in light of the original Mueller investigation. However, only two of these new investigations were present in the report; one for “potential wire fraud and federal employment law violations involving Michael D. Cohen,” and one for “charges against Gregory B. Craig (…) who was accused of lying to investigators and concealing work for a pro-Russian government in Ukraine,” The New York Times reported.

The release of the Mueller Report has not proven to be in President Trump’s favor. According to an article from The Hill, Trump’s approval ratings have dropped three percentage points since the release of the report and six percentage points since the summary was released last month, based on findings from a Reuters poll.

To gain the insights for this poll, the conductors polled 350 Democrats, 362 Republicans and 200 Independents. This poll asks participants a variety of questions regarding President Trump and his position as president. It is clear the numbers have fluctuated since the last poll done in March after the report summary was released.

President Trump is not happy about the release of the Mueller report or the investigation as a whole. He published this tweet on Saturday morning, just two days after the report was formally released. The approximately 400-page report is now entirely searchable and available to the public.