Ariana Grande just released her newest album ‘thank u, next’ and it’s rapidly rising to the top of the charts.


When Ariana Grande released her single “thank u, next,” it was clear she was entering a period of self-love, independence and feminism. With the release of her new album by the same name, these themes are reinforced. With songs like “NASA” and “bloodline” Grande makes it clear that she is fine on her own and doesn’t need a man to make her feel complete and confident.

Following the massive hype associated with the “thank u, next” single, Grande was quick to release the songs “imagine,” “7 rings” and “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” to increase the buzz surrounding the release of her album. With such high expectations for this album, one might think it could not possibly live up to the hype. Luckily, “thank u, next” does not disappoint.

From amazing vocals to relatable concepts, Grande’s album has appeal on several levels. For those who fell in love with her music because of her great vocal range, Grande has several songs showcasing just that. Ballads like “imagine” and “ghostin” display the artist’s four-octave range. They are also somewhat reminiscent of music from her earlier albums, appealing to those who prefer the singer’s old sound.

However, Grande’s range is not restricted to the slower songs on the album. Singles like “needy,” “in my head” and –– the song for which the album is named after––“thank u, next” all greatly exhibit the aspects of her voice that made her famous.

Grande is fairly well-known for releasing hit songs that can be played at parties and in carefree moments with friends. In this respect, “thank u, next” definitely delivers, as it includes numerous tracks that promote feelings of confidence and fearlessness. However, this album also delves into all the emotions and hardships Grande has experienced within the past few years.

Throughout the album, she alludes to her past heartaches, relationships and struggles, how she is coping with everything that is currently happening in her life. The first song on the album, “imagine,” expresses Grande’s feelings of a love she cannot and will never have.

The next track, “needy,” depicts the artist’s feelings of insecurity and begrudgingly needing others for emotional support. Similarly, in “fake smile” she shares that she is done putting up a facade and is not going to hide her emotions just because she is a celebrity.

Grande also sings about her methods of coping with painful times. The single “bad idea” talks about her wanting someone simply to “numb the pain” in order to forget about her past relationships. In the song “in my head,” she expresses how she would fall in love with the version of someone that she had created which led to toxic situations.

The entirety of this album vastly differs from her previous album, “Sweetener,” released just six months prior to this album. While “Sweetener focuses on positivity, new-found love and nothing being too difficult to overcome, “thank u, next” is all about hardships, trials and pain that don’t seem to have an end.

“thank u, next” is more realistic in its message, accepting the reality that sometimes life is a struggle. Considering the number of difficulties Grande had to endure last year, between a broken engagement and the death of a loved one, the themes within “thank u, next” are unsurprising and understandable.

The 12-track album deals with tumultuous times and finding confidence through them. It seems like Grande went through a large period of growth during the production of this album: learning to love herself, be on her own and invest in healthier relationships.

This album has the potential to be one of Grande’s biggest yet; it is already topping the charts. Considering she’s showing no signs of slowing down, we can only assume this is still her beginning and Grande has many record-breaking years ahead of her.