Global Expressions was a success as scores of APU students, faculty and staff enjoyed different foods and performances from different cultures and countries. These cultures were shared through food, drink, dance, song and even games. All in attendance were in for a fun night as all people from different backgrounds came together to enjoy each other’s differences.

An extensive menu of foods from different parts of the world were available. Steamed rice, fried rice, Thai yellow curry, chicken pad thai and beef and broccoli made for a flavorful dinner for those in attendance. Photo Courtesy of Brendan Fretwell

Daniel Jean puts on an amazing display of martial arts as the crowd looks on in awe. It was a short 90 second performance filled with plenty of action as Jean went from corner to corner of the stage creating a beautiful display of power, grace and style. Photo Courtesy of Brendan Fretwell

Soyoung Ko beautifully displays her Korean Flute skills as she plays a graceful and delicate song. In beautiful Korean attire, Ko had the entire room in a state of peace as she smoothly serenades using her musical gift. Photo Courtesy of Brendan Fretwell

Co-Host of Global Expressions and magician, Orlando Gunesekere, takes his Sri Lankan heritage and performs a wonderful magic trick. Using world famous Sri Lankan tea, Gunesekere essentially gave the illusion of water turning into lemon tea in thin air. Photo Courtesy of Brendan Fretwell

The Brazilian Trio of Marcelo, Jessica and Pedro introduced the crowd to new wave Brazilian music using traditional instruments. With a Latin-American sound that had everyone’s feet tapping, this was a huge hit for the night and a great highlight of Global Expressions. Photo Courtesy of Brendan Fretwell

Volunteers from the crowd participating in a foreign drink competition. Participants had to drink the foreign drink put in front of them and then guess where that drink originates from. These volunteers were sure to obtain a flavor of the world through a simple game. Photo Courtesy of Brendan Fretwell