Baseball season is back which brings excitement to many of the sports lovers on campus a lot of APU students a reason to smile

After a five month offseason, Major League Baseball is finally back and this has created a lot of excitement around the country. One of America’s greatest pastimes has begun once again and many are feeling a sense of joy about getting to watch their team stomp onto the field for another 162+ games.

When baseball is in full swing, it basically owns the attention of its fans. The NBA and NHL are all muddling through their offseason starting in June and won’t return until baseball is crowning a champion in late Oct.

Being the sport with the most games to a season, from the months of April to Oct., it seems as if baseball is flooding our T.V.s and Instagram stories. Some fans are looking forward to a clean slate for their teams and are hoping for a season to remember.

“Hopefully we [the Los Angeles Dodgers] make it to the World Series again. Last season had a little bit of a sad ending to it,” says junior business management major Jacob Kleeburg. “This season hasn’t started off the best but I’m still optimistic.”

The regular season of baseball is longer than any other sport and one of the unique aspects of the sport is that even the best teams in the league are still going to lose approximately 60 games. This gives many fans of the game more than enough reason to remain hopeful throughout the year.

Looking into the season, there are some small aspects of the game itself that get people really excited about. “For me it’s the strikeout,” said freshman communication major Jordan Green. “It is literally a battle between the batter and the pitcher with both trying to get the better of each other. When that pitcher throws that final pitch for the strikeout, he can make the batter look so silly.”

Home runs, grand slams, walk-off runs, hard pitches and star players doing what they do best are just a glimpse of what excites baseball fans across North America.

Since the game has finally come back for another season, that means that there was a long offseason to endure and some have been counting down to Opening Day for months.

“The offseason of baseball is one of the worst times of year, but luckily I at least had my football team to turn to,” says freshman biology major Joseph Valasquez. “Sometimes during the off-months I’ll watch baseball highlights just so I can get a taste of the game again.”

For some people, baseball is a lot more than just another sport to watch. Whether it’s a favorite sport or a way of life, the game can mean a great deal to some, and for that, baseball is truly a gift.

Baseball is close to home for some as there are special memories tied to the game. “My principal at my elementary school would actually buy tickets for our school for anybody who wanted to go to a Dodger game,” said Kleeburg. “That was my first memory of going to see a baseball game. It was really special.”

Baseball is back and many baseball fans across APU are very excited for the new season. As this new year unfolds, many can expect to be entertained by their favorite teams competing to be crowned champions in October.