By: Michaela Steiner, Staff Writer

A look into some of the playlists students are using to get through the semester

Jumping into a new year and semester often presents the opportunity to discover new things, including new music. With all of the different streaming services available for music, listening to your favorite songs has never been easier.

Whether you are using Apple Music or downloading your songs to Spotify Premium, your playlists should be all about you.

Junior marketing major Jake Dahm creates his own playlist of newly discovered songs for each month.

“I use Spotify,” Dahm said. “[It] streams pretty much any song imaginable, allows for a ton of playlists and makes it easy to share music with friends.”

But no matter how you’re listening to your music, there is a song for everything from studying to worshipping to motivating your 5 a.m. workouts.

Music to jam to:

“I Wanna Dance with Somebody” – Whitney Houston

“My My My!” – Troye Sivan

“Dreamer” – Kaptan

Junior global studies major Val Cox had some more broad suggestions.

“Anything by Taylor Swift and anything by Penny and Sparrow,” Cox said. “I listen to them a lot because they always boost my mood.”

Music to study to:

“Home” – Bruno Major

“Blessed” – Daniel Caesar

Artist to note: LANY

“When I study, I typically listen to full albums because it is easier for me to focus if the artist isn’t constantly changing,” Cox said.

Is your current study vibes playlist getting boring? Try the “Discover Weekly” curated playlist on Spotify, according to Dahm.

“I like listening to this playlist because it allows me to discover new music while getting work done,” Dahm said.

Music with lyrics can be distracting for some students. Senior psychology major Bethany Contreras has a remedy for that. Try the soundtracks from some of your favorite movies.

“I can only listen to instrumental songs for studying,” Contreras said. “The Finding Nemo soundtrack honestly makes me type faster.”

Music to motivate:

“Untitled” – Day Wave

“We Don’t Care” – BØRNS

“Bang My Head” – David Guetta (feat. Sia & Fetty Wap)

“1000 Nights” – FRENSHIP

“My top songs stretch throughout what I feel in a day; they are all over the place musically and I love it,” Dahm said.

Worship music seems to be a popular staple on student playlists. For some, this genre is encouraging and noticeably motivating.

“Anytime I am feeling discouraged or upset, if I listen to worship music and focus in, it always helps me find peace and motivation to keep pressing forward,” Contreras said.

Music to worship to:

“Tremble” – Mosaic MSC

“Mountain to Valley” – Housefires

Artists to note: Jesus Culture, United Pursuit and Red Rocks Worship

As listeners, your music should be customizable. No matter how you are listening, no playlist is the same.

So, what’s on your playlist?