By: Tien Thai, Staff Writer

Self care, relationships and thankfulness are a common theme among students for 2018

January is in full swing, and many students are looking forward to a fresh start and new beginnings this year.

In light of the new year, students have a lot of New Year’s resolutions they hope to pursue and maintain throughout the year.

Junior biology major Courtnee Reaves shared her resolutions and motivation for maintaining those resolutions throughout the year.

“My New Year’s resolutions are to get back into the practice of yoga, write down something I am thankful for everyday, have meaningful prayer everyday, and also to practice singing,” Reaves said.

Additionally, sophomore nursing major Karis Acosta has plenty of resolutions she is looking forward to pursuing.

“One of my resolutions is for me to find a way that I can grow deeper with God as something that I can really enjoy and pursue, versus just a few-time-thing,” Acosta said. “I also want to deepen my friendships by going out of my comfort zone socially and participating in things so I can make more friends outside the zone I already have. Also just to live a healthy lifestyle by getting lots of exercise.”  

Junior biology major Rachel Johns also demonstrated her resolutions and the steps she would take to adhere to those resolutions this year.

“My New Year’s resolutions this year are to prioritize myself and to take more pictures of what I am doing to collect memories throughout the year,” Johns said.

Johns shared that she was driven to choose those resolutions and maintain them this year because they will help her work on and learn more about herself. She loves that she is already able to look at her new memories although the new year has just begun.

“I am excited to see how spending time on myself and getting to know myself again will help me and my relationships with other people,” Johns said. “I plan to keep my resolutions through accountability from my friends. I know that I do have their support and encouragement so I think I will be able to maintain them.”

Reaves expressed that she was motivated to pick these resolutions is because of the meaning they added into her life as she looked back.

“My favorite of them is probably writing down one thing I am thankful for each day because I got a special notebook to do it in, and it has been fun so far,” Reaves said.

Acosta shared her motivations to have these resolutions are for an overall mature and healthy lifestyle, alongside lifelong friendships.

“I feel like I wanted to mature myself just by trying to live a healthier and more active lifestyle and just get out there with friends more, instead of just hanging around in my space with my roommates,” Acosta said.

Acosta acknowledged that strengthening friendship is her favorite resolution and how valuable those friendships are to her.

“I really value the friends I have made here in college,” Acosta said. “I have never had such close friends, so I feel like it is really important for me if I want to keep those relationships going outside of college, by just building them up and growing deeper with them.”