Which cinematic universe has it best?

Since 2008, Marvel has owned the silver screen with the release of “Iron Man” which kick started the Marvel cinematic universe, while DC joined the competition in 2013 with “Man of Steel.”

From the first installments we know the tone and pace each company was going for. Marvel was the bright and uplifting series that dealt with worldly issues. DC was dark, brooding and while relying more on the source material has become a fanboys dream. 

Marvel does things better, plain and simple. With a core of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk, Marvel has taken a billionaire playboy, a patriot, god of thunder and a green monster who is always angry and made us love them. I have never met a single person who does not enjoy watching Marvel movies. Whether it is Iron Man or crazier characters like Doctor Strange, Marvel has a movie for everyone. When I want to see something explode I watch Iron Man, when I want to travel to space I watch Guardians of the Galaxy and when I want to laugh I turn on Ant-Man. Marvel has built a universe anyone can enjoy which is why they are on top of the superhero movie genre, but where does that leave DC?

The Zack Snyder orchestrated DC Extended Universe has had its fair share of criticism for being too dark but what if I told you the movies aren’t for “everyone?”

The DC movies are not for children and neither are the comics. DC has made its money and gained its audience for producing mature content that is suited for adults––so what do you expect from the movies?

“Man of Steel” admittedly bores me, but “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” was everything I have wanted to see since my conception. Finally seeing an older more rugged Batman that is not afraid of murder face off against the pure hearted Superman was glorious. That may sound weird coming from three-chapel-a-week attendee at a Christian university, but DC movies are my favorites.

My first experience watching a DC movie was “Batman & Robin. While the movie is terrible, I love the unintentional campiness of it. Rubber lips, Bane in a pink gorilla costume, George Clooney as Batman and don’t forget any bat-related pun you can think of that makes “Batman & Robin” the worst DC movie of all time, but also somehow still enjoyable.

That is the difference between Marvel and DC. If a Marvel movie is bad, it’s bad. Take “Thor 2: The Dark World” for example, the movie is terrible and by far the worst Marvel movie. Unlike “Batman & Robin,” it cannot be redeemed or turned into a comedy which is why if I had to choose I would pick DC. DC has the mature content but even when they are absolutely terrible, I can still laugh at them because they are unintentionally funny.

When it comes to the comics, DC is clearly in the lead and hasn’t failed to bring great characters and stories to their comics. According to Thaddeus Howze, who wrote a piece comparing Marvel and DC comics, he said, “DC’s Batman shows the indomitable spirit of Man, Wonder Woman shows that peace is desirable but may often have to be fought for. Superman shows the innate goodness of hard work, moderation in all things, restraint and humility even when blessed with phenomenal power. He is a god aspiring for humanity”.

When thinking of what superhero movie to watch, I always lean towards DC. Do they make the best movies? No, that award goes to Marvel with 15 movies certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but who needs critics. Critics tore apart “Justice League” but I thought it was much better than multiple films in the MCU. It brought my favorite heroes together in an inventive way that was the ultimate fan service. DC does not care about critics. They care about fans and that’s how movies should be made. Directors should not be worried about ratings, but instead make movies that satisfy their audience, which DC has done intentionally or not.