Ranking APU’s east and west campus bathrooms. 

Three years ago, former Azusa Pacific student, Kane Casillas, ranked our university’s east and west campus bathrooms. Now, I’m here to re-rank the restrooms and inform APU students on where they should do their business or when to take their business elsewhere. 

I’ll be ranking the bathrooms based on their aromas, cleanliness and, most importantly, the ambience of the washrooms. 

However, I only ranked the female loos because I have no desire to see the men’s bathrooms on campus. 

  1. Restrooms by building 22 and Baseball Field

Coming in at dead last are the bathrooms by building 22 and the baseball field. Everytime I walk into this horrendous restroom, I have to hold my breath the whole time. The smell in the air is sour and pungent. I can last only three minutes in that powder room because the smell is unbearable. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I would rather hold my pee than use this restroom. 

  1. Duke (next to room 106)

Now, this bathroom doesn’t smell horrendous, and it’s usually relatively clean. However, I always use this restroom when I have Theology class, and I can’t stand the look of the toilets. The rim of the toilet seats are stained yellow, and I feel nauseated every time I see them. Honestly, I would walk to the other bathrooms in Duke and just use those instead.

  1. Bathrooms Next to Mailing Services

You see, I wouldn’t be raving about these water closets because my friend saw a cockroach scurry along the floor while she was using the restroom. Also, it seems like people forget what flushing is whenever they pay these bathrooms a visit. Let’s just say I’ve seen things I wish I could unsee. 

  1. Stamps Library

Unfortunately, these toilets have the same origin story as Duke’s restrooms. Again, the toilet seats are colored yellow, and this is my plea for facilities to install new ones. 

  1. Cougar’s Den

I’ve only been to this washroom once, and that was enough for me. There are only two stalls in this lavatory, and I felt really cramped in that bathroom. I would not recommend this place if you get claustrophobic like myself. I say if you really need to use the restroom while you’re at the Den, the simple answer is don’t. 

  1. Darling Library

This one has potential — they just need to fix the lighting because it’s quite dim, which makes it difficult for me to reapply my lipstick. Also, I don’t love that there are only two stalls in this bathroom. What if I really had to go and there were already two people using both stalls? Short answer, I wouldn’t make it. Other than that, it’s pretty clean and it smells decent. 

  1. Marshburn Library 

It’s neither good nor bad; it’s just mediocre. If you’re studying at this library, then I would recommend it for a quick use. I wouldn’t rate it as my number #1. 

  1. Warren Music Center

I really enjoyed the ambience of this public lavatory. The bathrooms are polished and spotless, and I really appreciate that. Also, I usually hear music while I’m using the restroom, which is always a bonus.

  1. UTCC 

UTCC’s loos are respectable bathrooms, and they are great to use during Chapel. Immediately when I walk in, I don’t smell anything weird, unlike some other restrooms I know. These stalls have virtue and class, since they’re usually well scrubbed and groomed. 

  1. Wynn

This is a humble bathroom. This water closet isn’t anything to brag about, but it does its job. I use this restroom quite often because I have Wednesday classes in Wynn. The toilets are relatively clean and they flush well, and I never had the fear that the toilet water would overflow, so I feel really secure here. 

  1. Ronald Center

I appreciate this public lavatory because I never once complained about this restroom before. It does no wrong in my eyes. It’s polished, and it smells like nothing, which is one of my top favorite aromas for a bathroom. 

  1. LAPC/Turner Campus Center

There is a little alleway near LAPC, and this is what I like to call the hidden treasure on campus.  These are one-stall only bathrooms, so you get the whole private lavatory to yourself — that’s something to cheer about. Also, it’s usually quite clean when I use it. 

  1. Felix Event Center

I don’t have too much to say about this one other than I recommend it. Toilets are clean and pristine, and that is what makes a restroom top tier. 

  1. Segerstrom

I’m not at the science building a lot, but I have used this restroom once before. Overall, I had a pleasant experience using this bathroom, and I would go back again if I ever found myself in that building again. 

  1. Rose Garden

This bathroom is the cream of the crop. This is my top rated restroom because it’s pristine and ethical. This powder room reminds me of a virtuous woman who has upstanding morals because it offers free feminine products, and the restroom was pretty and reputable. 

Overall, these bathroom rankings are just my opinions. Everyone is free to do their business where they ple