Students gather together for the first formal dance of the year

It’s that time of the year again when the student body comes together to dance the night away, make new memories and enjoy each other’s company. On Nov. 10, APU’s fall formal dance, Les Femmes, was held off campus in Irvine, Calif. The pressure is taken off of the men, as Les Femmes is a girls-ask-guys dance.

The theme this year was ‘Black and White,’ with the students dressed to impress as they celebrated the last dance of the semester. The event was filled with many surprises, from games and music to people showing off their bold moves on the dance floor.

Students take a break from dancing, and enjoy some a quick game of foosball. Courtesy of Jourdan Jefferson

Students caught in the moment on the dance floor. Courtesy of Jourdan Jefferson

Behind the scenes look at the selfie ring light section that was arable for students throughout the night. Courtesy of Jourdan Jefferson

A group of ladies taking a break from dancing to smile for the camera. Courtesy of Jourdan Jefferson

Archie’s Ice cream truck provided free ice cream for the entire night for the students. Courtesy of Jourdan Jefferson

Here is a look inside the infamous Archies Truck. Courtesy of Jourdan Jefferson