By: Tien Thai, Staff Writer

Communiversity hosted the annual homecoming dance with a “ZuFari” theme

October brings a variety of events to APU. This past week, Communiversity brought the homecoming festivities to campus.

In light of homecoming weekend, Communiversity brought the spirit back on campus through the annual homecoming dance.

The dance this year happened in the Upper Turner Campus Center (UTCC) Friday, Oct. 20 with the theme “ZuFari.”

Alex Oh, Director of Campus Activities from the Communiversity office, acknowledged the backgrounds, goals, motivations and purposes for the homecoming dance.

“[The] homecoming dance is an annual dance that we host once a year for all of our undergraduate students here at APU, in order to bring students together on an annual basis,” Oh said.

Oh also acknowledged that the job of the Communiversity office is to foster a sense of belonging and a sense of community for our students.

Oh explained that the homecoming dance is hosted on the Friday of homecoming weekend, which happens every October at APU.

Courtney Donlon, a special events intern for Communiversity and senior communication studies major, discussed how the theme was chosen for the dance.

“The three special events interns and a team of campus life crew members helped each other build upon the idea for the theme, but ultimately the interns came together with our executive director to figure [it] out,” Donlon said.

The “ZuFari” theme was intended to be a reflection of the student body.

“The meaning behind this year’s theme is to encompass how we are the Zu, and it’s homecoming weekend and we thought it would be fun to get everyone excited for who we are as a student body, and just how to encompass the Zu into our theme,” Donlon said. “So we thought ZuFari would be the best way to do that.”

Junior social work major Alejandra Villasenor expressed her excitement about the homecoming dance this year.

“I am excited to dance,” Villasenor said. “I am just excited to see the way everybody dresses up, and how everybody brings their dance moves to the dance floor.”

Villasenor also looked forward to seeing this year’s theme and spending time with her friends.

The homecoming dance is an opportunity for all students to have a good time and escape from the stress of midterms and homework. Even if a student decided not to dance, there were still other activities for them to participate in, such as photo booths and animal rides.