By: Tien Thai (Staff Writer) and Alyssa Burlingame (Lifestyle Editor)

APU students show off a variety of fashion trends as the fall season begins

October is here, and a variety of things are happening around the community, like Halloween, pumpkin patches and horror movies.

Despite all other things that October brings, fashion is one of the most intriguing.

Fashion serves as a mark of the seasonal transition every year, and we observe many new styles that appear daily in public during the fall season.

Junior political science major Maya Maley enjoys wearing booties in the fall.

“I love how they go with jeans, skirts, everything,” Maley said. “When it starts to get colder, I start to wear more boots and cardigans.”

Maley also shared that she wears big scarves, flannels, sweaters and cardigans in colors like dark red, orange and brown for the fall.

Sophomore nursing major Karis Acosta shares Maley’s love for sweaters and booties.

“I really like sweaters, not really thick ones, but just thin and soft ones because fall in California is not very cold,” Acosta said. “I also find myself wearing booties a lot in the fall. I go back and forth from dresses and pants and cute shirts with booties or my Birkenstocks.”

According to Acosta, the current fall fashion trend is skirts.

“I feel like the big thing is skirts these days; [they] have really easily become one of my favorite things, especially my purple corduroy skirt,” Acosta said.

Along with knowing the traditional fall colors, there are many different outlets for students to find fall fashion inspiration.

“In southern California, it is usually too hot to wear sweaters and cardigans, so once it gets cold, I like to take advantage of the weather to wear warmer clothes,” Maley said. “Also fall colors are oranges and gold and brown, so I like to imitate those colors in my own fashion.”

For Maley, her favorite fashion brands are Old Navy and Banana Republic, and she uses Pinterest to explore warm but fashionable outfits.

Acosta acknowledged that her fashion taste is most inspired by public influence, her mom’s opinion and fashion magazines from Tilly’s and Macy’s. Acosta explained that she values staying cute and comfortable without being afraid of what others say.

“I feel like [fall fashion] is warm while also being cute,” Acosta said. “I do like the flexibility with different outfits where you can wear the same sweater.”

In addition to fashionable women, APU also has gentlemen with various perspectives and opinions on the current fall fashion trends.

Dorian Escamilla, the College Counseling and Student Development Graduate Assistant for TRIO student support services shared that one of his favorite fashion trends right now is joggers.

“[Joggers] are comfortable and sometimes look nice without having to give up comfort,” Escamilla said. “If I am working, I will wear semi-professional attire. If not, I wear comfortable clothes, which is usually just a T-shirt and shorts or joggers.”

A new season always comes with a new trend. Everyone has their own favorite fashion style that they feel comfortable wearing, and it’s fun to dress up in fall clothing that’s been in the closet all year long. With fall in full swing, look forward to seeing APU’s campus filled with the newest looks in warm and comfortable fall fashion.