Ashley Lawrence | Staff Writer

After a long school year, summer vacation is just around the corner. Get ready to pack your Polaroid cameras, suntan lotion, sunglasses and these tips and tricks to soaking up each day of this vacation.

Take full advantage of the summer weather
1. Go to the beach and remember to take a good read for your time under the sun.
2. Go to a major or minor league sports game. You’re bound to make a million memories and who knows,  you may end up on the big screen!

Explore someplace new
1. Book a flight. According to Travel and Leisure, United Airlines is offering “apology fares” due to their recent scandal. Roundtrip to Europe for under $400? Count me in.
2. Wander through a local museum. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, find a handy-dandy list here. 

Social hour
1. Volunteer. How great did it feel when you volunteered last? Find a cause near you with Volunteer Match, a company that connects people to their local nonprofits.
2. Organize a gathering. Get your old high school friends, church group and/or neighbors together for a bash that they won’t forget.

Be entertained
1. Mix things up. Instead of your average dinner and a movie, try breakfast and a movie. Risky, isn’t it?
2. Go bowling. It might not be your usual activity, but it can bring out some friendly competition.

Get back on track
1. Double check your class shopping cart. If you need to get into a class in the fall, look online to see if a seat opened up. You’ll thank yourself in the future.
2. Clean up. There’s spring cleaning, and then there’s summer cleaning, the least favorite step-sister. It’s likely that you’ll be due for a good cleaning what with all the fun you’ve been having. 

See you in the Fall!