Joshua Guilas | Staff Writer

On March 3, Nintendo released “The Nintendo Switch,” a handheld and home console all in one. The system has been notoriously hard to get, as even more than a month into its release it is still sold out on online.

As a long-time Nintendo fan, I was determined to find one throughout the month of March, oftentimes to no avail. On April 9 I waited on a lawn chair outside my local Toys “R” Us for 3 hours before its opening at 10 a.m. I was able to purchase one for $300.

Below is a brief tutorial of what can be done with the new gadget.


The Console in “handheld mode;” this mode allows people to play games when they are on the go. These have the “Joy-Con” Controllers attached.


To turn to TV Mode, connect the Nintendo Switch to the dock.


Left and Right Joy-Con, which are the newest controllers for the Nintendo Switch. One can play games separately like this or… (see next photo).


You can play it like an actual controller with the included Joy-Con Grip.

Joy Con R

Each Joy-Con Controller can be used as a separate controller as well with a four-button layout and joystick.

Home Menu

The HOME Screen is where you start up when you’re playing with your Switch. (Yes, you can take screenshots of your gameplay.)

Japanese eShop

You get Japanese games if you have a Japanese Nintendo Account as well.

The Nintendo Switch is the future of gaming. While many people point toward virtual reality and 4K HD resolution (simply, sharper colors on the screen) as the next big thing, one cannot deny the fact that portability is key when it comes to gaming. Gamers want to be able to play their favorite games wherever, whenever.
The Nintendo Switch has a retail price of $299.99 and can be found in any major retailers or electronic stores.