Kendall Langrell | Staff Writer

Monday nights during the spring semester are famous in apartments and dorms at colleges across the country. You may be asking yourself why. THE BACHELOR THAT’S WHY! A Bachelor night is notorious for being loud and wildly entertaining.

But a proper Bachelor night takes time. It begins well before the show starts and continues after it’s over. It takes a day full of dedication to get homework done and preparation of cheap, pinterest-inspired snacks. Of course, the show encourages animated facial reactions and in-depth conversations after the rose ceremony.

This season’s Bachelor, Nick V., has had many chances at love; twice on the Bachelorette, once on Bachelor in Paradise and finally his own season! After making it to the final two on both Bachelorette seasons and then having his girl stolen on BIP from the notorious Josh ~ who also stole Nick’s girl back in his first Bachelorette season ~ Bachelor Nation hopes he finally finds his one true love.
Below is a photo journey of the reactions captured during Monday, Feb. 27’s episode.


Roommate Elisa Montano works against the clock to finish her homework before Bachelor begins.


Laura Atwater (left) says, “What do you mean the Bachelor is only on for one hour?”


Both Montano and Atwater are confused as to why the rose ceremony takes half the episode this week. Thirty minutes to send a girl home? Give us a break.


Atwater and Montano converse with roommate Emilie Ghafouri. The ladies strategize about who they think would be sent home — bets were that it would be Raven, a 25-year-old boutique owner from Arkansas.


There is excitement all around as Corrine is sent home (sorry Corrine)!


“You can’t win them all, Corrine” – Ghafouri


Late arrivals Jenna Wilcox (middle left) and Cynthia Arroyo (far right) catch up on what happened in a required post-Bachelor discussion.

With the Bachelor finale tonight (3 hours this time!) there are many things to look forward to. Who will Nick pick? Will he say cliche sayings like “I’m in love with two different people” or “I didn’t realize it would be this hard?” How will the proposal look and who will be chosen?
The only thing we hope for is that Nick — finally —  finds love. Fourth time’s the charm, Nick!