Wesley Koswara | Staff Writer

This weekend I attended SoCal Swordfight, a historical European martial arts event from February 17-19.Fencers from all over the country came to test their skills against others in matches featuring the longsword, rapier, sword and buckler and messer. Instructors were also on hand to teach classes about various weapons disciplines from the middle ages.


A Marshal at SoCal Swordfight goes over some basic techniques with two sparring fencers.


A demonstrated proper thrust demonstrated on a fencer in armor.


Two fencers ready to fight during the open steel longsword elimination matches.


A fencer in full gear ready to fight.


A rapier thrust is deflected. Bouts with a rapier allow for an optional parrying dagger as a secondary weapon.


A successful thrust to the face, executed by red fighter.


White fencer has adopted the “Longpoint” guard, while the black fencer is sitting in the “Trailing” guard.

The event ended on Sunday with the final matches for all divisions and a banquet to bring everyone together as friends. Fighters and spectators alike enjoyed the chance to come together as a community and participate in an exhibition of artful fencing.