Southern California has earned a reputation for having beautiful, warm weather, but when it cools down it is a delightful change for many. APU students are fortunate enough to have cool breezes between heat waves since the campus is so close to the mountains. But what happens when the temperature drops below 75 degrees?

As the fall winds start to cool things off, students are finally putting away their summer shorts and tank tops and switching it up with long sleeves and leggings. People either dress for their own comfort or for personal style, or a combination of both. A few students shared some of their favorite fall trends and style go-to’s.

“I’m huge on coats. I like wearing coats when it gets colder, definitely,” sophomore history major Katie Gavitte said. “I like tall boots, like riding boots with a small heel just so they’re comfortable when you’re walking around. I like to dress up for class and in general, but honestly I think that it’s important to like what you’re wearing. If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing then it’s not worth it.”

Another student explained how she always loved the season changes and dressing nicely.

“My dad used to work at a jean company when I was younger, so he’s worked at places like Paige and Hudson so he always got me really nice jeans,” senior allied health major Gabriella Giannavola said. “That’s why I’ve always cared about what I was wearing.

Giannavola said she likes to add accessories to accentuate her simple style, which she said is something that can change an entire look. The small addition or a piece of jewelry or hat can “make that much of a difference.”

She suggested wearing knitted headbands that cover the ears, thick scarves and big jackets to stay warm.

Giannavola said some of her favorite shopping locations are Nordstrom Rack, Forever 21, H&M, T.J. Maxx and boutiques.

“Whenever someone tells me ‘I love that! Where’d you get it?’ it’s usually from a random place, like a boutique store.”

Senior business management major Richard Hoffer said he wears Kenneth Cole shoes, jogger pants and Lucky, Express and Hollister brand jeans when it gets colder.

“I like collared and designer fitted T-shirts,” he said. “Bomber jackets and denim jackets look great, ripped jeans, boots and dress shoes too.”

Some students’ favorite shopping spots are Tilly’s, Zumiez, Hugo Boss, Banana Republic, Cotton On, PacSun and Brandy Melville.

“I can always find something at Forever 21. It’s my go to, and Nordstrom is where I got my boots. Urban Outfitters has great stuff, and even though it’s kind of expensive it lasts longer. I love Zara, it’s kind of business attire but casual too,” junior marketing major Jordan Ex said. “Once fall really comes it’s over the knee boots, over sized shirts, sweaters and trench coats. The 90’s styles are back with denim on denim, high waisted jeans and body suits.”

Ex said wearing an over sized sweater is nice and easy to pull off and shared advice on how to adjust to the colder seasons.

“Layer up in different kinds of ways because we’re in California so you don’t know what to expect. It could be hot in the day and get cold out of nowhere, so you can always take a layer off,” Ex said.

Regardless of your choice, there are a plethora of options that can help to combat the colder weather.