By Sara Champlain

On Thursday night at 7:00 pm in LAPC, APU students and faculty, including Janice Baskin, Mario Berny, Nancy Brashear, Danielle Bown, Melinda Cabrera, R. S. Carlson, Sara Champlain, Charles L. Crowley, Katherine DuPont, Ashlee Ginn, Mercedes James, Sam Kendrick, Christine Kern, Yolanda Kong, Sharon Lee, Katie Manning, Kathryn Ross, and Katrina Sudman will be reading their original works. There will be refreshments served and it is such a fun night to hear exceptional work! I will be reading a poem that I have recently written titled, Poison Starts with P. I am exceptionally excited and nervous about reading it because the poem’s content presents very raw emotions! Come and hear!