Fall 2015 is bringing in a new option for post-graduates as Azusa Pacific University launches its new Master of Science in Organizational Psychology. This is the first program of its kind in the Greater Los Angeles area that will have classes offered both on campus and online.

According to Program Director Wendi Dykes, assistant professor of leadership and organizational psychology, “The demand is high for those who possess a master’s degree in organizational psychology.”

The degree has 39 required units, ideal for full-time students who will be able to complete their master’s degree in organizational psychology in 16 months. The program will be offered through a distributed learning model, which is a learning process that has courses offered for adult learning and development.

“Work matters. People matter. The rapidly growing and lucrative field of organizational psychology prepares individuals to discover, shape and impact organizational health and wellness,” Dykes said.

The program accommodates those with a full-time job and other personal or professional responsibilities. Classes will be offered in the evening and some include online discussion forums and other distance-learning methods.

“This program is distinctive because it engages students and faculty in a process of discovering how the study of organizational behavior and change processes intersect with a Christian perspective of truth and life,” said Sarah Visser, chair and assistant professor in the Department of Leadership and Organizational Psychology.

Weekend courses will be held over a nine-week term period and will include three weekend sessions on Fridays and Saturdays. The evening classes that students will attend are also on a nine-week term period and meet one evening each week.

According to Dykes, graduates of the program will be able to diagnose, strategize and implement change efforts, employee motivation tactics, leadership development and more by conducting sound assessment, developing strategy and providing genuine people care.

Dykes added that current research trends project two available jobs for every individual applying to work in this lucrative field. People with a master’s degree in organizational psychology pursue careers in a variety of fields including academic and educational settings, business, churches, health care, government and nonprofits.

“We’re eager to explore innovative ways of analyzing, dialoging and applying this learning both theoretically and practically,” Visser said.

There are many career opportunities available with this degree, including organizational development director, executive/leadership coach, human resources manager/director and organizational analyst. The program is enriched by Christian values and beliefs and prepares graduates to champion people, care and wellness within organizations.

The department will hold three different information sessions for students to attend. Sessions will be Feb. 24, April 16 and June 9 from 7:30-8:45 p.m. in the Felix Event Center VIP Room.

For questions, interest in the program, information or spot reservations, contact the Department of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at orgpsych@apu.edu.