The new online system streamlines sign ups, calendars and news.
Screenshot: Jessie Gomez

APU intramurals has been utilizing for the past two semesters in order to provide efficient and timely information for both players and captains. However, not everyone has found this system to be fully operational and precise.

Although many players differ in opinions with regard to this new method, has become the only way players can sign up for a team. Students can view special announcement and up-to-date information such as games, players and rosters once they sign up for the system.

Some student players have found glitches on this site and argue the traditional way is much better. Before the switch to online, all player and game information was manually and verbally recorded.

“I never use the site because it’s too crazy and is constantly changing. Signing up onto the website was a tiring effect. When I finally signed up, I just became more confused,” sophomore cinematic arts major Madeline Main said.

Main has been playing intramurals since her freshman year.

“I prefer the old way because I could rely on my captain to let me know any information on games,” Main said.

According to the Communiveristy homepage, this new system is designed to help keep track of all intramural teams in a more organized format. Assistant Director for Campus Recreation Jeremie Riggleman has not been available for comment.

Senior liberal studies major Lauren Hanna has been an intramural player since her sophomore year and said the new system is organized and easy to follow.

“There are a few glitches, but the information that’s on the site is more accessible to players,” she said. “I really like this new website because I can view full season schedules instead of week to week ones.”