Peet’s Coffee and Tea is now available at both coffee shops, on the breakfast menu at Mexicali Grill and freshly brewed in the 1899 Dining Hall. It serves up a cup of coffee that is mild to the taste and a little more on the medium side for those who like a little less boldness.

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The options on campus have been significantly cut since the switch-over from Equal Exchange to Peet’s. Flavored coffees are no longer available with a meal purchase only drip coffee is offered.

Hospitality Services made the switch to Peet’s after conducting a blind taste test with students last semester. Samples for the blind taste test included Starbucks, Equal Exchange and Peet’s, among others. Peet’s medium roasted flavor won the popularity of students who participated in the taste test, and helped Hospitality Services choose Peet’s to replace Equal Exchange after the latter’s contract with APU ended.
Although Peet’s coffee is a step up from Equal Exchange, it can’t beat a bold cup of Starbucks.

Verdict: 2 out of 4 J-Dubs