Everyone has their favorite television theme song, but here’s my list of the most delightful and childhood nostalgic-filled show openings.   

No. 5:Mission Impossible

The starting intro of “Mission Impossible” must be considered one of the best TV theme songs! The original song marks the beginning of the future “Mission Impossible” franchise, a 55-year-long tradition whose intro has mostly stayed the same. The song’s intro and classical instrumental sound, especially the flute played in the intro, bring together all of the emotions of the past. The song conveys the show’s sneaky theme of a spy who secretly disguises in a party of crowds to investigate the hidden treasure. I didn’t grow up watching “Mission Impossible,” but the theme song is one of my favorites, placing fifth on the TV theme song list.

No. 4:Regular Show

A five-second-long theme song for the “Regular Show” is the industry’s most outstanding and impactful theme song. I grew up watching the “Regular Show,” but every time I listened to the intro, I always thought the intro sounded like a fart, but also it gave me shivers of terror. Within a short time, the theme song represented well what the show would be about, just a “Regular” Show.

 Now, looking back from a developed perspective, the intro did a spectacular job of describing the insanity of the show and is very iconic in the sense that it’s such a simple intro, but the episodes are filled with ridiculous and strange things. Because of the song’s iconicness and the short duration, which makes it legendary, it’s fourth on my song list. 

No. 3: Gravity Falls

I love the theme song of “Gravity Falls.” It’s easily one of my top five TV theme songs. The intro sets the tone with a mysterious beat that gives me chills, perfectly encapsulating the show’s mood. “Gravity Falls” knows how to hook its audience, and the music is no exception.

It expertly captures the imagination and keeps the listener engaged with its captivating beat, which always leaves me wanting more. Another point is that the song’s theme is well-connected with each episode, which helps the audience be immersed in the show. I place this theme song third in my song list.

No. 2:The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” contains a very catchy intro. The rhyme of the lyrics, the beat, and the diction of the words make it very easy to keep replaying the song in your head. Will Smith’s acting in the background is hilarious. In this, he misses shooting the basketball in the hoop, and the ball curves into a party of a gang, creating conflict with them, and the after-story makes me gag. 

This theme song is second in my top five because of its rhymes and the beats, which forcefully stick in my head. Hope Rios, a sophomore majoring in allied health, said she enjoyed watching the show, too. This show’s theme song was her favorite, “My brother really used to love this show, so I would constantly hear it and just got used to it after a while. I started to like it too.” said Rios. 

No. 1: Doraemon

“Doraemon” must be considered the best because this animation is my childhood! “Doraemon” is one of the top TV cartoons I grew up watching, so I’m very passionate about this show. This show’s theme song is first on the list of my favorite TV theme songs, and the show’s intro stands out among all of my TV theme song rankings. 

The intro lyrics are beautiful, and the melody is so harmonious and lovely. “Doraemon” is one of my favorite characters in the show, and I have beautiful childhood memories of watching this show with my little sister. We would always be content watching it together and sometimes singing the theme song together.