Azusa Pacific University has been experiencing property crime incidents as the community has dealt with three break-ins in the last month.

During February and early March, Azusa Pacific University has dealt with a series of property crime incidents throughout various parts of campus. I sat down with Paul Dennis, the Executive Chief of Campus Safety, and Richard Orr, the Director of Operations, to gather more details about these criminal occurrences. 

During the interview, it was noted that suspects have not been forcing their way into buildings, but instead, they have been finding open doors to access. 

Now, Dennis and Orr urge the APU community to be more diligent in ensuring that doors are locked behind them. Orr said, “We can’t be in two places at once, so that is why we rely heavily on the community to report any suspicious activities.” 

If you have anything to report you can reach campus safety by dialing (626)-815-5000. 

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, a black Kia Soul was stolen from the Shire Modulars parking lot at approximately 6:16 am. When campus safety scoped out the area, they found shattered glass on the ground. However, security wasn’t informed about this occurrence until approximately 8:12 am that day.

A few days later on Saturday, Feb. 17, officers found a suspect asleep in the TRIO offices at approximately 1:20 am. There was said to be no forced entry. The only details to describe the suspect were male, and he had a yellow blanket. 

During the interview, Dennis continued to articulate the importance of double-checking that doors are closing fully behind you after you leave. He is asking APU members to help each other out in ensuring that rooms are locked and secured before stepping out for the day. Dennis said, “As a community, we need to hold each other accountable to these standards.” 

On Feb. 18 at approximately 2:20 am a subject broke into the nursing building. Although the suspect didn’t force their way into the building, a hammer was used to open the cabinets and drawers. Nothing of value was said to be stolen. Dennis described the individual “as a male in his mid to late twenties, dark complexion, wore a gray jogger matching set, and there was a beanie underneath his gray hoodie.” These are the only details that could be provided, 

Near the end of the interview, Dennis touched on issues that are happening in the larger Azusa and Los Angeles area. He has been in contact with the Azusa PD who shared that property crime rate is at a steady incline. Retail stores in the Azusa area are having items stolen or damaged, so this isn’t an isolated issue. 

Dennis further explained that people committing these crimes are getting arrested, but these cases go unfiled. Therefore, these same individuals are getting out of jail and carrying out property crimes. “Until that dynamic can be fixed we have to be as diligent as possible,” Dennis said. 

Latest update on auto theft, on Sunday March 10th at approximately 5:05 pm, a black Vitacci Denali was reportedly stolen from the Shire Modulars parking lot. Also, on March 11 at approximately 11:35 am a silver Kia Optima was stolen from the Shire Modulars parking lot. 

It’s significant that the APU community looks out for each other by reporting incidents, and making certain that doors are locked before they leave.