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Letter From the Editor 

Dear Readers,

Our lives are made up of moments. From the minute to the monumental, we experience life as a series of moments that we’ve archived into memories.

Sometimes we let the moments pass us by, and other times we are fully present, soaking in every moment as it arrives. Personally, as I’m nearing the final semester of my undergraduate experience, I find myself trying to hold onto every moment before it passes.

What has this semester looked like for you? Was it filled with formative moments, or did it feel like each moment passed by too fast to hold onto? Sometimes it’s in reflecting on the past moments that we see their significance more clearly.

That’s what we hope to do in the Monumental Moments issue of the magazine. 

Our writers have looked back on the monumental moments that have defined their lives. They have sat with the stories of others who have experienced formative moments. They have looked into what gives moments meaning and how growth comes from unexpected experiences.

It’s not that only specific moments are monumental. Rather, each moment carries significance. When we take the time to stop and evaluate each past moment, we see how each has added to our development. Moments themselves aren’t monumental; we make them that way.

My prayer is that you’d see the meaning in the minute, that you’d make each moment monumental and that you’d soak in each second that passes by.

Best Regards,

Jesse Watson