Have you ever met the person behind all of APU’s productions? Meet Yasha Sojwal.

Have you ever wondered how campus productions and events run so smoothly? Or how worship at chapel is filmed and edited on the spot and then outputted to a livestream? It’s likely Yasha Sojwal or her team who are behind these feats.

Yasha Sojwal is an experienced broadcast, production operations and event engineer who manages all the technology around both East and West Campuses. She ensures that the infrastructure is up to date and functional for all Azusa Pacific events and also designs and manages lighting for events. 

Sojwal is originally from India and was raised in Thailand. She has traveled to over 23 countries across five continents and looks forward to exploring more places in 2023. When she is not working, she enjoys experimenting with international cuisines and exploring all that Los Angeles has to offer with her friends.

While she may not be the person on stage or being broadcasted, she plays an important role in putting on events that students love and that would not be possible without her. 

Sojwal’s role involves managing events on campus, including welcome and orientation weekends, dinner rallies, winter and spring commencements, homecoming weekends and other indoor and outdoor events. She also supports all chapels, athletics and miscellaneous events on campus, including those hosted by external clients. 

Sojwal’s average workday involves troubleshooting any issues from past events and ensuring that the programming and routing are set for the next event in whatever space it may be in. This requires a lot of time behind the computer and equipment setup across both campuses.

Managing the technical infrastructure on campus and the routing that makes it possible to broadcast live events means that there is frequently a lot of pressure on Sojwal to fix issues quickly before, during and after events. 

With all of her expertise, Sojwal also teaches video production classes at APU. She enjoys working with students and watching them learn and discover their passions for television and broadcast. She challenges students to be able to tell a story through visuals and helps them master a variety of skills to bring into the workforce.

Sojwal’s job is stressful, but her faith helps her manage this environment. 

“It is nice to know that my coworkers share similar values and are there to support me,” said Sojwal.

 Despite the challenges, Sojwal finds her job fulfilling, and her passion for broadcasting and event engineering is evident in her work.

Sojwal is an accomplished broadcast and production operations and event engineer with a passion for technology and broadcasting. Sojwal’s experience and expertise in the field have allowed her to manage all the technology around both campuses, troubleshoot technical issues and ensure that events run smoothly. Her’s love for exploring different cultures and cuisines outside of work is a testament to her curiosity and passion for discovering new things. 

Sojwal is a dedicated and hardworking individual who takes pride in her work and is a valuable asset to the institution she works for. APU is grateful to have Sojwal in our community.