Several students on campus agree that the Barbie movie isn’t just for girls who love pink; the cinematic masterpiece is rated E for Everyone.

We’re officially less than 100 days away from the premiere of the new Barbie movie. And no, I’m not talking about another one of the early 2000’s animated masterpieces. I’m talking about Greta Gerwig’s upcoming movie featuring Ryan Gosling as Ken and Margot Robbie as your blonde and beautiful Barbie.

What’s interesting about this movie is that we know it’s been in the works for over a year now. Despite two different trailers dropping (the most recent being just two weeks ago), to quote Gosling’s Ken, “I’m actually not sure” what the plot of the movie will even be. Gerwig and her public relations and marketing teams have kept hush-hush when it comes to hints about what the movie will be about.

While others are anxious about this unknown factor, some, like Riley Burns, a junior and film lover, say that’s what makes the movie so much better.

Burns says, “I like how the movie has not given away any plot pretty much at all. It really speaks volumes about the creator’s passion and care for such a beloved fan base.”

Plenty of women, including myself, grew up with several barbie dolls, cars and dream mansions. While we might be too old to play with these dolls in college (though I definitely wish that was more normalized), this movie has rekindled that ancient memory.

Taylor Whisler, a freshman, shares, “Barbies were a huge part of my childhood and I spent a lot of time watching the animated movies and playing with the dolls, so it brings me great joy that I can relive my childhood by being able to watch this live-action film … As I have seen behind-the-scenes footage from the movie and advertising, it’s just growing my excitement even more.”

One student, Katie D’Amico, shared her excitement for the upcoming movie: “I think the casting is perfect, especially because Margot Robbie is Barbie. I would like to see how they will incorporate more diversity into the film though.”

D’Amico’s concern is one that plenty of people on social media share as Barbie and Ken are both white and blonde.

One critic wrote in their opinion of the Mattel branded dolls, “Ever since the iconic doll went on sale, Barbie’s success amongst young girls has never wavered. Blonde, thin, and always in a fashionable outfit, the doll often brought a single outlook when it came to beauty. The same also applies to her male version, Ken, who is always tanned and fit.”

But, as we’ve seen in the trailers so far and by looking at the cast list, diversity is definitely something Gerwig considered in her live-action film in hopes of breaking these stereotypical norms.

In the trailer, there seems to be not only Gosling and Robbie’s Ken and Barbie but also several other versions of both: Issa Rae and Hari Nef will also play Barbie and the same goes for Ken, who will be portrayed by Simu Liu and Ncuti Gatwa as well.

Even Burns admires how “beautifully diverse the casting has been done.”

And despite the trailers vomiting pink all over your screen, the movie isn’t just directed toward those who love all things girly. There are plenty of guys who are waiting just as anxiously as the rest of us. Burns being one of them, as you can tell.

He shares, “I am most excited for Ryan Gosling rollerblading around. From the pictures, he looks like he’s having so much fun in the role and I cannot be more excited to see what he does with the character. And obviously, Margot Robbie will be amazing as she was born to play this role.”

When it comes to the intended age of the audience, Gerwig seems to leave that up in the air. Although it will be rated PG-13, it seems like there’s already a very present Barbie fanbase that will love this movie regardless of their age.

Whisler shares, “In my opinion, all ages can enjoy this movie because Barbies are timeless and have been around many generations and have evolved so much over the past few decades. I feel like it’ll definitely be a hit for everyone.”

We’ll see if Gerwig and her team decide to release any more sneak peeks about the upcoming movie, but for now, make sure to keep July 21 circled so you can join the rest of the world in watching the highly anticipated film of the summer.