APU 2023 homecoming was a success, from PIO’s lūʻau to A Night of Worship with Mosaic MSC and ONE&ALL, the three-day homecoming was one to remember.


From March 23-25, Azusa Pacific held its highly anticipated three-day homecoming event for students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, family and friends with numerous events for guests to participate in. 

On the 23rd, homecoming began with a special collections exhibit self-guided tour and a library research workshop with a community garden tea tasting and library self-guided paint activity hosted in the middle of the tours and workshops.

Following the tours and workshops, sports events were held by APU women’s tennis vs. Arkansas Tech and APU Acro & Tumbling vs. Hawaii Pacific. Both teams walked away with a win.

Following sports games held on the 23rd, many also went to see the APU Theater’s production of “Twelfth Night.”

On the 24th, events began with a self-guided paint activity, chapel, and more. 

Many looked forward to watching a Cougars baseball tailgate with the first pitch by MLB pitcher Wayne Edwards ’85. Along with an APU baseball game against Fresno Pacific, homecoming events for 2023 consisted of sports games, praise and worship and unforgettable shows.

APU also presented Legos and Lattes and A Night of Worship with Mosaic MSC and ONE&ALL on the 24th of March. 

The APU homecoming was sponsored by Kevin Hart’s plant-based restaurant, Hart House. If you still need to try Hart House, it is only located 15 minutes away from APU’s campus. Hart House came to APU’s campus from 4-7 pm to share their delicious food and inform those around them about their restaurant. 

On the 25th, many looked forward to breakfast with President Adam J. Morris, scholarship benefit and luncheon, Cougars softball tailgate, APU Softball vs. Biola Doubleheader, APU Baseball vs. Fresno Pacific, another library self-guided paint activity, black alum mixer, Honors College Scholar Celebration, alumni class reunions, a baseball alumni tailgate, a softball alumni tailgate.

APU Softball won against Biola, and APU Baseball won against Fresno pacific. It’s safe to say APU athletics dominated during homecoming.

The Pacific Islanders Organization’s Lūʻau was the last event concluding APU’s Homecoming, hosted in the Felix Event Center. The show was preceded by a dinner and concluded APU’s 2023 homecoming. Pictures from the Lūʻau can be found on APU’s and Pacific Islanders’ Instagram pages. More information about upcoming events can be found on APU’s social media page.