The brand new iPhone 14 is here, accompanied by iOS 16 and the reviews are in. Plus, my opinion on whether or not you should make the jump and snatch up Apple’s newest coveted release.

The Apple Event 2022 was just over three weeks ago at Apple’s HQ in Cupertino, Calif., where the tech giant debuted the company’s newest and latest devices for the year. Most notably, the newest iPhone was introduced with a base, Plus, Pro and Pro Max models. After being very selective the last three years, I haven’t bought a new iPhone because my iPhone 11 Pro Max was getting the job done.

I’m sure many Apple lovers have seen all the tech websites’ articles on the newest and latest features, so I will focus on my own experience of making the jump from the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the iPhone 14 Pro. 

The size difference was my biggest fear. I’ve grown used to having the plus-sized iPhones, but I felt as if the iPhone 14 Pro Max was too big even for my larger-than-average hands.

In comparison, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a screen size of 6.5 inches, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max was listed as 6.7 inches.  It’s not the biggest difference, but like Goldilocks with tasting porridge, the 11 Pro Max was just right. Thus, I decided that the iPhone 14 Pro model at 6.1 inches was the one for me as I wanted to be comfortable with the phone and avoid 6.7 inches of surgical-grade stainless steel falling on my face while I scroll on the couch or in bed. 

Another fear of mine was that the iPhone 14 Pro Max had an astounding 29 hours of video playback battery life, while my previous iPhone was only 20. But again, sipping the porridge, I decided that the 14 Pro’s 23 hours of battery life was just right. 

For this purchase, I completely switched it up from my normal iPhone purchases. I broke away from the beautiful matte black and space gray tones that I’m used to and decided to go with the Deep Purple for the iPhone 14 Pro. I can honestly say that I am beyond happy with this decision as the color is not too vibrant or distracting. On the contrary, the deepness of its color really shows depending on the way that light hits the back. 

So, after trading in my iPhone 11 Pro Max for around $380 dollars, my brand-spanking-new iPhone 14 Pro Max in Deep Purple with 128 gigabytes came to just over $800 in total. Financing it through the Apple Credit Card, a monthly payment of $34 a month including Applecare+ seemed like a very doable purchase.

After what was the smoothest process I’ve ever had when dealing with Apple, I also received next-day pickup at the Apple store in the South Coast Plaza mall in Costa Mesa. I don’t know how I was able to get it the next day (if you have dealt with Apple, you know this is a win), but according to an Apple employee, if you want the best chance of picking up the newest iPhone (that currently isn’t shipping until late October), check the Apple Store app at 5 a.m. PST. This is when inventory is checked and updated. So, with this little tip and a bit of luck, you could get your new phone as quickly as I did. 

Right off the bat, I noticed the A16 Bionic Chip’s power as the phone was just so quick. I personally love the ‘Always On’ display that Apple has introduced with iOS 16. I can set my phone down while playing Playstation 5 and see the time and notifications with ease and without pressing the lock button. 

The new ‘Dynamic Island’ takes some getting used to, but it’s a big upgrade from the ugly and bulky notch in the previous iPhones. The Dynamic Island is interactive, intriguing and insanely cool. My favorite is when you set a timer, play a song, or make a call, there are unique displays on the Dynamic Island that make the phone feel very advanced.

The cameras are bulkier and heavier than previous models, but when you open the iPhone’s camera app, the new features will leave your jaw on the floor. It has a 48-megapixel sensor along with a 6x optical zoom. It also features an improved cinematic mode and an improved 2x zoom picture quality. My favorite feature of the camera is the photographic styles that you can add as a default for your camera. My picture setting is ‘Vibrant’ and it truly allows the picture’s colors to pop. 

Personally, if you have the iPhone 12 or below I would recommend upgrading your device to the latest. There is an immediate, noticeable difference in the way the phone runs, and with the creativity that iOS 16 offers, this new iPhone truly feels like a new era. Although there is a lot in common with the 13, I do believe that those who decide to upgrade will be happy with their decision, but it isn’t a must-switch. If you are still not convinced by me, you can easily compare your model to the latest on Apple here