Biden’s Plan to implement gun control measures.

The Biden administration aims to set new measures to prevent more gun violence in America. Their tactic is to create a plan that will create certain measures that are considered comprehensive for public safety.

Most often criminals are known to have illegal weapons on hand without licenses or background checks. This means that everybody has total access to these kinds of armaments. Biden stated that background checks will be implemented in certain cases of purchasing a gun. His goal is to crack down on the “ghost guns” that are easy to purchase and are extremely dangerous to have. 

These “ghost guns,” used mostly by criminals, often do not have a serial number. This means that they are untraceable. Furthermore, it is impossible to detect whether or not the guns have been purchased legally. 

Biden said that the ATF is responsible to enforce gun laws that will protect the citizens of the United States. The gun restrictive measures will combat gun violence according to the Biden administration. 

According to NBC News, the Biden Administration is finalizing a rule that requires gun kit makers to include serial numbers on their weapons and includes extensive background checks.

Under the new Biden law, “ghost gun” manufacturers will be required to have federal licenses to sell these types of weapons. The current rule allows sellers to purge records after twenty years in business. 

The sellers of the “ghost gun” businesses will also be required to keep records of purchases up to the penalty of severe consequences if more crimes are committed. 

“If you commit a crime with a ghost gun, expect federal prosecution,” Biden said. Biden is also reaching out to Congress to pass out universal background checks, and to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that are still obtainable by the public.

The president then picked up a prop gun kit next to his lectern, and he demonstrated that it was extremely easy to assemble the firearm. 

The main argument from the Biden White House is that “ghost guns” are not regulated as normal guns; therefore, some are calling for strict regulations for these types of weapons. A lot of police departments report that “ghost guns” are the causes of high crime rates in the nation. 

In 2019, according to CBS News, forty-nine “ghost guns” were confiscated in New York City alone. In 2020, 150 were recovered in New York City once again. That number rose to almost 400 in 2022. 

Vice President Kamala Harris said that “ghost guns” are extremely dangerous to society. The Vice President went so far as to say they are, “An especially grave threat to the safety of our communities” 

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco expressed her support for Biden’s decision to enact stronger gun control measures. She emphasized that it would be in the best interest of the American people. She expressed concerns about the use of “ghost guns” as well. 

“We call them ghost guns because they can’t be traced, but make no mistake—they are real,” Monaco said. “They can shoot to kill, and they do,” she emphasized.

Biden then introduced Steve Dettelbach as the nominee of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Dettelbach served as the attorney for the Northern district of Ohio. If nominated by the Senate, Dettelbach will be the first permanent director of the (ATF) since 2015. 

Dettelbach approved his support of the (ATF) with remarks. “Law enforcement is a very tough job, and no person and no agency are perfect. But the president is right: The people of the ATF and the public that they protect deserve better support from us,” Dettelbach said. “I’ve seen firsthand the work that so many at the ATF do to protect us from violence. They are dedicated, they are professional, and they are effective,” he stated.

On April 10, CBS News came out with a poll that indicated that Americans are concerned with crime rates across the nation due to gun violence. According to CBS News, crime is listed as a third priority after economics and inflation. 

Americans are demanding that the President will focus his policy to ensure the safety of many people.