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Let’s have a look at the latest fashion!

With it heating up outside and COVID restrictions loosening, the potential to show off individual style is exciting. Spring/Summer 2022 New York Fashion Week brought forth new trends that just about anyone can accomplish with their current pieces.

Time to jump right in!

The Preppy Look

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As detailed by Vogue in December 2020, shows like the “Gossip Girl” reboot may bring the preppy look back.

There’s a large emphasis on layering right now — whether that’s button ups, sweaters, crewnecks, ties or all of the above. There’s no debate that a high class focus on chic styles and layering has come back. Certain characters embody this look well on television. Gossip Girl’s Emily Alyn Lind as Audrey, and Euphoria’s Maude Apatow as Lexi individualize the preppy look and make it  something that we all can attain. 

Colored Tights
















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Alongside the resurgence of Blair Waldorf chic is the comeback of brightly colored tights. Unlike the 2000s color blocking that we saw on actress Leighton Meester, we’re now seeing fun patterns accompanying these vibrant layering pieces. 

It’s always impressive to see someone dress up with color and pattern. Colored leggings add layers and make an outfit feel contemporary. This trend has a far reach, being featured in most girls’ pinterest boards while also stretching to haute couture collections like Balenciaga’s Spring Fashion line.

Similar to Christmas in the 2000s, tights are still a great way to keep warm while adding new details to our favorite summer outfits.

Mary Jane Sandals / Heels











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Harper’s Bazaar described the background of the Mary Jane’s in 2015 by stating, “The Mary Jane might just be one of the most iconic and versatile shoes of all time. Legend has it the name came from a comic strip dubbed ‘Buster Brown’ in the New York Herald in 1902. In the comic, a little girl named Mary Jane wore flat shoes with a small leather strip across the front.”  

The shoes are reminiscent of outfits paired with Children’s Gap clothes, but they’re also a fun and mature way to comfortably spice up any casual 90s look. The comeback of these classics is intriguing because we are seeing them in a platform version, adding a funky layer to the classics. 

While these shoes have been around for a long time, the many different versions ensure that there’s no set rules on how to wear them. The creation of a heeled version may diversify the shoes to formalize them. These could be an exciting addition to your wardrobe because there’s no preconceived notions of how to style them. 


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We’ve been seeing vests everywhere for over a year now. With many young people taking up knitting and crocheting during the pandemic, sustainably making your own clothes has become increasingly popular — especially emphasizing the popularity of this warm accessory. 

This spring, the way we wear vests has begun changing. We’re no longer limited to knit crops but oversized formal vests button ups are also starting to make an appearance. Many women are wearing formal vests without balancing layers and instead as a tank. The aesthetic brings back Kate Moss in the 90s and personally, I’m here for it.

Denim on Denim











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Vanity Fair reported in February that denim on denim would make a large comeback this spring. The classic American favorite will never go out of style and is an investment worth making. Balenciaga also featured denim jeans in their haute couture fashion line, making it a remarkable first for the everyday workman’s material. 

The VF article references Dolly Parton and other celebrity style icons. Double denim inspiration can be found through Parton or in a more Britney Spears 2006 way. Denim on denim will always be accessible and easy to put together. We may never live up to Britney and Justin Timberlake’s 2001AMA’s look, but we can pay homage to them all we want. 


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Fringe was seen at least once on almost every runway at fashion week this season. Coveteur, Refinery29, and the Editorialist all reported on the plethora of fringe looks included in the ready to wear lines. New York Fashion Week may seem inaccessible to many, but the patterns showcased often make their way to more affordable fashion trends for the year. 

Instyle reported in the fall that fringe is being used in seemingly similar ways to 2016 styles. Many of the runway pairings evoke 1920’s Fitzgerald elegance with a modern twist. Many will look to wear fringe in a more casual manner, which means I can recommend popular 1940s/70s fringe jackets to add attitude to a minimalist outfit. 

Each year we see many new styles emerge from New York Fashion Week along with unique variations of old trends.​​ The key is to take pieces you identify with and invest in clothing that you can see yourself wearing for years to come. What direction will your individual style sustainably move towards during 2022?