Daily COVID-19 cases are rising in LA County, but the overall average is declining

As of Feb. 2, there have been 15,664 new cases of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County. On Feb.1, there were 8,786 new cases.

The daily reports of new cases represents a large rise in cases, as over the span of 24 hours there were just under 7,000 new cases. Along with a rise in cases, there has also been a rise in COVID-19 deaths. As of Feb. 2, there have been over one hundred new deaths, meaning that across the county there has now been a total of 20,099 deaths.

The current number of hospitalizations has declined, as of Jan. 31, there 3,710 cases. On Feb. 1, there were 3,515 cases reported. The drop of 195 cases within 24 hours shows a decline in cases.

While the numbers are going up, according to the Los Angeles County COVID-19 Database, there is actually a decline in the 7-day daily average.

The 7-day daily average shows decline in positive cases as it went from 12.47% to 11.61%.  While this is only a .88% decline, there has been a trend of declines in the 7-Day Daily average. This number may be confusing to the public, but the Los Angeles County Health Department urges the public to get vaccinated despite the decline.

Compared to Orange County, they have had 2,795 new cases of COVID-19. This is a 12,869 difference. Overall they have shown fewer numbers, as hospitalziation is 746 and 12 new deaths with the cumulative number of 6,152. 

Along with Orange County, San Bernardino has also reported a low number of cases. On Feb. 1 they reported 907 new cases of COVID-19. Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 was 914. This number is higher than Orange County, but significantly lower than Los Angeles County. There were only 2 deaths reported, being the lowest out of both Los Angeles County and Orange County.

The current number of Los Angeles County residents vaccinated (with at least one dose) is 7,911,505 which is 77.1% of residents. The amount of fully vaccinated is 7,070,919. Those who are fully vaccinated with an additional dose are 3,242,919. All of this date was last updated 1/31.

While the numbers of COVID-19 cases are fluctuating depending on how the data is looked at, the Los Angeles County Health Department has only changed one COVID-19 regulation from Jan. 10. Now the County of Los Angeles would be following the State of California Public Health Officers.

The main change identified was the requirements and regulations of those in close contact with someone with COVID-19. Before, the Los Angeles County Health Department stated that those with no symptoms and up to date vaccination status or who have had COVID-19 within the past 90 days did not have to quarantine.

Now, those who are boosted or fully vaccinated and not booster eligible do not need to be quarantined if they were in close contact with someone with COVID-19. It is still recommended to get tested on day 5.

Isolation is still to stay home for 5 days or if unable or choose not to test,to stay home for 10 days.Mask are recommended to wear for 10 days when quarantining or isolating.

To help lower the risk of spread, Los Angeles County is now offering free COVID test kits in 29 Libraries.To find out more information you can click here.